Alfredo Zinola 

Alfredo Zinola is an Italian performer, choreographer and dancer based in Germany.

During the residency in Vilnius he developed a new solo performance of dance based of pure abstract movement for children. Firstly, he researched his own movement language, and then met children from Vitlio licėjus to understand how do they relate to his research.

In 200 Ways, a dancer uses movement as a medium to create a bond between themselves and the audience. Written with invisible ink, every movement contributes to a canopy of connections that rests in the eyes of each individual spectator.

More info: https://alfredozinola.com/productions/200-ways/

Kanta Comapany

Kanta Company: Lyla Goldman (JAV); Kęstas Matusevičius (LT); Aino Mäkipää (FI) | "Clothes and Us"

More info: https://www.kantacompanycircus.com/shows

Aleksey Smolov 

Aleksey Smolov is a Latvian contemporary circus performer and teacher, currently living in both Latvia and Lithuania. Artist developed the performance which is an act of self-reflection through the various interactions with an object - a Cyr wheel. It is based on the movement material where the topics of roles, habits, control and relation to the emotional states were researched.

Ieva Navickaitė 

Contemporary dance dancer and creator.