Maurícia Neves 

Choreographer and dancer Maurícia Barreira Neves creates the performance with the combined Portuguese and Lithuanian team: Beatriz Dias, Vera Martins, Daina Pupkevičiūtė, Greta Grinevičiute and Rūta Butkus. Anesthetize is an abstract experiment about the idea of anesthesia. For deepening into the states of slumbering and turning into a zombie, the creators use the opposite – the second wave of feminism and the punk movement that revived a lazy society in the 1970s.


Creative team: Jonas Emanuel Silva Lopes, Lander Patrick De Andrade, Ana Cristina Vaz Da Gloria, Mathilde Aline Bonicel, Lewis Gillon Seivwright. Inspired by the works of the artist Hieronymous Bosch, the duo of guys create a space where dancers and robots work together. They dance, kiss, command and obey. When humans and robots perform actions that are not characteristic of themselves, the boundaries of the peculiarities of each of the beings are analyzed. The title of the performance "Lento e Largo" means the specific, sadly pervaded nature of classical music, the highlights of which in the performance determine the action and choreography that moves beyond the stage.

Monika Neverauskaitė  

Monika, who graduated from the French circus school Lido and is named Soloneviena, creates solo work with her circus discipline - Cyr's bow - and invites her to the presentation of the sketch "Harry 3rd". The circus, the modern circus, is probably the most distinguished risk factor from all branches of art. In this work, risk is one of the most important elements that is felt throughout history. How often do we take risks? Do you just realize how important it was when we lose something?

Avidan Ben Giat  

Dancer and choreographer Avidan Ben Giat invites you to a workshop based on his latest work, School for the Blind. It is an invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of our body and mind, to recognize our limits and find ways to transcend them. Participants will have the opportunity to become part of the school for the Blind study and experiment with their ideas through improvisation and technical training and tasks.

Lukas Karvelis 

Dancer and choreographer Avidan Ben Giat invites to the workshop, based on his latest work School Lukas Karvelis has worked with famous choreographers such as Marina Mascarell, Jiri Kylian, Antonin Comestaz and others, studied at the National M. K. Čiulrionis School of Arts and later at codarts University of the Arts in the Netherlands. At the art printing house, Lukas is working on a project that will be presented this year in the New Baltic Dance Program. Blank Spots "Empty Spots") is a monospectr that examines the relationship between personal and collective identities, their change in today's fast and dynamic world.

Mardulier and Deprez  

Michiel Deprez and Ruben Mardulier are contemporary circus and performance artists from Belgium and the Netherlands who experience their first acquaintance with the Lithuanian capital during the programme of international residences at the Arts Printing House. Two young creators have studied professional acrobatics and juggling, and are currently developing motion and performance outdoors and using smartphones, the Internet, their own bodies, moving image, audio, performance, circus, dance and theatre as media. For two weeks, the duo moved into the studio at the Arts Printing House in order to open up to a wide variety of sources of inspiration, and later invite the audience to see the result of the creative process with their own eyes.

Emile Pineault, John Simon Wiborn  

Circus artists Emile Pineault and Simon Wiborn participate in the international residency programme. After graduating from circus schools in Montreal, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden, performers have many years of experience as acrobats, but today they create choreography outdoors. Using their impulses and sensitisations in motion, they blurs the boundaries between acrobatics and dance, combining different genres, destroying existing codes and looking for ways to transcend their own limits. Emile and Simon develop a dance project "Anatomy of Power" about the relationship between body, power and intimacy in international residences. When performing metamorphosis of the body, they study transformation, surrender or manipulation. From their bodies they require maximum physicality - they are distorted, minted, crushed, combined and distinguished.

Vera Tussing  

Choreographer Vera Tussing, in residences she will conduct a study for the dance project Tactile Quartet(s). In her work, Vera Tussing explores the relationship between the viewer and the performer, taking advantage of human senses. In this project, Vera Tussing, together with string quartet Quatour MP4 and four dancers, will create a playful experience of motion and sound: she explores what would happen if we looked at the movements performed by the string quartet as choreography and danced together? 

Ula Liagaitė, Marianne Tuckman, Marcelo Schmitter, Bartė Liagaitė  

Barte Liagaitė, Lula Liagaitė, Marcelo Schmittner and Marianne Tuckman, who live and create in Berlin and Lithuania, who will present their research process YOU SAID QUICK MARCH, WE DID A QUICK WALTZ. "In order to get what you want most (almost always your nine brothers), you have to go through the most squealing forest in the Lithuanian folk tale, discover spells, ask for the help of winds, birds and clouds, but in real life all that remains for us is marching in marches and protests. One day, we started our investigation with the question: why are we marching?"

Grėtė Šmitaitė, Jokūbas Nosovas, Sunayana Shetty 

During the residency, choreographers Sunayana Shetty and Grėtė Šmitaitė and dancer Jacob Nosov will work with dance as the heat that spreads. The final version of the work "Shy palms" is planned to be presented in October 2019 in the 3rd Fort of Kaunas , a space that is inherently cold.

Aloun Marchal  

Improvisation artist, dancer and choreographer Aloun Marchal lives and creates in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Paris (France). He develops a dance and sound performance "SonoR" during the residence of a team of four dancers. Creative research of artists seeks to examine the re-creation of the stage identity of one artist or collective using body and sound. The soundtracks of the show are created live by the dancers themselves, using only their voices and wireless microphones. SonoR balances between a contemporary dance performance and a concert that turns into an absurd stage event.