Fheel Concepts  

International residents of the arts printing house Fheel Concepts invite to become part of the contemporary circus and VR (virtual reality) project! "Ordinary Circus Girl" - the final result of the project, where with the help of virtual relay equipment, the viewer will become one of the circus performers in the short film. To realize VR visions, the team needs the help of the audience - to observe acrobatic ethic from a variety of different angles: from the viewer, sitting on the ground or even from above, above the acrobat himself.

Davide D'Antonio ir Carlo Massari  

5 minutes – that's how long the Israeli authorities are giving to evacuate civilians before bombing their homes. This is a civilised act inspired by NATO's Roof-knocking Directive. This improves the conditions of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but the destruction of the past by surprise bombing undoubtedly remains a shocking and brutal act. What does it mean to lose everything in 5 minutes? To be torn from everything you love in such a short time? Maybe without even understanding why? This project does not seek to become a political study of the causes of the destructive war, but wants to recount the perspectives of ordinary people.


Representatives of multidisciplinary performing arts from Bergen's NONcompany could in a sense be called the old-timers of the Arts Printing House. In the program of international residences Print Art On Stage they participate not for the first time, not the second, but for the third time. NONcompany's Arts Printing House sits as a home in the pocket hall and works all week on a new project that will include text, audio and video art that speaks on power topics. "We have been working on texts all week, analysing the speeches of politicians - people in positions of power - and trying to replicate them ourselves. Abstract form will become part of the performance we create" – Lise Risom Olsen, artistic director of NONcompany, talks about activities in the residence.

Justina Kaminskaitė, Joanna Woiciechowic, Natalia Kotlyarova 

Actress Justina Kaminskaitė with the international team: Joanna Woiciechowic (architect and scenographer (Denmark) and Natalia Kotlyarova (co-author and performer (Russia) will work on the project "Baltic Spice" at the Arts Printing House. It is an indulgesous performance talking about wild food ingrediants and their application in modern cuisine. The project consists of an exploratory expedition to the forest and a performance, during which the spectators walk along the nettle trail with their eyes tied, feel the donkeys, other plants of the local forest, taste the usual dishes made with plants found in the wild. The first two attempts of Baltic Spice have already taken place in Stockholm and Helsinki, where participants have tasted nettle pesto, and in a week everything will move to the Arts Printing House. 

Judita Vivas and Viccy Riley  

Judita Vivas is an actress, physical theatre artist, creator and lecturer, doctor of theatrical sciences who has studied and worked abroad with physical and contemporary theatre specialists from different countries for 12 years. She comes to the Arts Printing House from England with her herring girls, which she creates with the artist, somatic dance specialist Vicci Riley (Great Britain). The performance is based on the herring girls phenomenon in England and Scotland. These girls and women alone, without a male escort, would go after the fishing boats, evisfa in ports and salt herring. Long, hard and tiring work was rewarded for the freedom that women did in that time (the end of the 19th – 20th century) to travel, settle with other girls, make money and have a kind of independence. 

Vivian Friedrich & Joan Lavandeira  

Vivian Friedrich invites representatives of Lithuanian contemporary circus and other contemporary performing arts to an interview on the topic "What is contemporary circus dramaturgy?" 

Vivian Friedrich and Joan Lavandeira 

"I Love My Car" is a critical look at postmodern society, created by contemporary circus author Vivian Friedrich and interdisciplinary artist Joan Lavandeira. This work destroys the boundary between simulation and reality by intertwining contemporary circus, dance and visual arts in itself and introducing new methods of using scenography and dramaturgy. The creation of "I Love My Car" was inspired by philosophical theories about the significance of the object, hyperrealities created by advanced technologies and questions about our commercialized image.

Annabelle Dvir  

The duo of Israeli choreographer Annabelle Dvir and dancer Talya Shalom, currently resident at the Arts Printing House, invites you to a sketch presentation of their work. Work of Flesh – Soundtrack for Five Slammed Bodies examines body-to-voice ratio, voice behavior and transformation during body fall. This is a body soundtrack formed by transforming different types of voice expressions.