Kallo Collective  

The Finnish Kallo Collective, a contemporary circus and visual theatre company, presents a sketch/open rehearsal, giving the audience of the Arts Printing House the opportunity to see excerpts from the chameleon performance first. Chameleon is a visual and circus theatre performance that uses camouflage elements. The action of the show takes place in a luxurious but very strange hotel. Unusual catastrophes occur in his spaces, conveyed by physical and visual humor. This is the biggest performance of the Kallo Collective troupe, which includes as many as 6 circus artists from Finland and New Zealand.

Maurícia Barreira Neves  

Sketch of the performance "The power of unknown CHAOS".


Urban Spray Lexicon is a dramatic and reformatting study of constantly appearing and disappearing inscriptions on city walls. The Italian troupe Ateliersi collects such notes by writing and photographing them, and creates a new dramaturgy from the collected material, puts the notes in poems, thus preserving and perpetuating what is very temporary. Short text snippets turn into visual signs and reformatting gestures on stage. This project is an artistic event in which theatrical language works in direct contact with visual arts, sound design, and the dynamics of urban landscape become material suitable for the stage.


TaikaBox in Vilnius will show an interactive live technology performance "Please turn on mobile phones", during which viewers will be able to easily participate in the creative process of the performance with the help of their phones. With the help of a special technological system, everyone will be able to turn their personal stories into a dance script when they come, to vote on what kind of music and lighting they would like. Finns will appear together with selected Lithuanian dancers, and will devote part of their residency to workshops with students, during which they will introduce them to the dance and technology system and at the same time create short performances.

Ursus produksjoner 

Orlando Rodriguez and Veronica Santiago Moniello