Ragnhild Freng and Dale Rafael Dernbach  

Projecting in the future, predicting and predicting is an old human practice that has increasingly been passed on to experts and machines. Today, it seems that over-imagining the future is intertwined with the language of economists and technocrats. It is our task to change. Our thesis for the proposed workshop is that fiction - especially speculative science fiction affordability - can help us develop a more intimate connection with a possible future and break addiction pathways. Withdrawing speculation practices can become a powerful transformative experience as much as a source of interesting research and future self-documentation.

Karina Opdal and Tone Johansen Kløvstad  

Mirte Bogaert and Vincent Stephen 

The duo of Belgian Mirte Bogaert and Briton Vincent Stephen, who live in the arts printing house from the long-time residence partner Bergen, also talk about the opportunity to build together. The dancer and musician only created separately before arriving in Vilnius, and after realizing that together they could discover new forms of art, they marketed a residency program and created a completely new dance and music performance during their work at the Arts Printing House. They presented their work to the full hall of the audience and were very surprised by the abundance of participants who gathered for the discussion: "We did not expect Lithuanians to be so talked about – we were informed in advance that everyone was afraid to speak here and few people gathered in the discussions after the performances. Here they talked more than ourselves!" wondered a British musician in Norway.

Virgis Puodžiūnas and Orlando Rodriquez  

Orlando Rodriguez, a colleague of the same troupe who came with VirgisPuodžiūnas, says that here he is most fascinated by the community of "Arts Printing House", the quality of the training facilities, the general atmosphere of the city. Orlando tells us that they regularly work with Virgis in the same studio with their troupe's projects, but never had the opportunity to work for only two. When asked about the emergence of a creative duo, he says: "Coming here and working with Virgis was my dream and behold – it became a reality. Our goal is to try to build together and maybe a separate show will come out of it in the future. The residency program is amazing because it gives you a special freedom to create. We can come whenever we want, be as much as we want, create what we feel in peace in perfect conditions."

Monika Neverauskaitė  

The program gives the opportunity to appear in Lithuania not only to representatives of another nation, but also to Lithuanians who have gone abroad. In the same way as Virgis, the contemporary circus artist Monika Neverauskaitė also creates abroad. She is currently studying circus art in France and is happy to return to Lithuania for a short time: "I am currently on vacation. During the holidays, it is difficult to plan physical work – you need the right space and the right atmosphere, I can not practice at home. The residency program provides everything I need: a workout studio, a free schedule, and always help ready people." Although Monika is a professional circus artist, she speaks modestly about herself: "When I come to the residence, as if I take responsibility for the Lithuanian public, I want to show something interesting, so I think the residence needs to be matured and come only when you feel you have something to present."

Yasen Vasilev & Džiugas Kunsmanas  

Yasen Vasilev, a Bulgarian who lives in the Arts Printing House for a couple of weeks in November, says that residency programs have fundamentally changed his life. While studying performance art in Shanghai, he felt that his works did not fit the usual theatrical scene, but were also not completely experimental. "The arts printing house was very good for me because there is a lot of interdisciplinary art, there is a theatre under one roof, and dance and everything that is in between. During the residencies, not only do I have the freedom to create calmly, but also to get acquainted with the Lithuanian theatre scene - since I arrived, I go to the performance every night," says Yasen.

Liza Baliasnaja  

One of the goals of the International Residency Programme of the Arts Printing House is to provide an opportunity to return to Lithuania at least for a short time to create artists who have gone abroad. Lisa Baliasnaja, a dancer, choreographer and performance author from Kaunas Dance Theatre "Aura", who started her work with dance, came to Vilnius from Belgium. Here she studied at the Brussels Performing Arts and Choreography Studios P.A.R.T.S. In Belgium, an artist dancing according to other choreographies says that with constant work on other projects created, there is no time and strength to work alone on personal choreography works.

Dewey Dell