The Project “Open Space’14” Announces Call for the Participants

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“Open Space” is the main program of the Arts Printing House with an administrative, technical and financial support for a young artists. Also is a chance to debut in the professional stage and to present new ideas to the public.


Dance till it is spring!

At the end of the calendar winter Arts Printing House – announces – Dance till it is spring and presents the newest dance performances.


20 of February - Modern dance company Aura presents: Box Melancolique.
Four performers are thrown into a box mélancolique, trying to find these defining reference points – visualizing and dissecting them, fabricating a new mental landscape melding the time lines into one visual experience. Choreography: Johannes Wieland (Germany).


Arts Printing House Presents: the New Work from Jérôme Meyer - “W(o)men”

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Arts Printing House in a cooperation with Korzo Producties presents the premier of the dance performance – “W(o)men”. Choreographer - well known Jérôme Meyer (Switzerland/ The Netherlands), who was working in Vilnius with four Lithuanian dancers – Agne Ramanauskaite, Airida Gudaite, Ieva Navickaite and Mantas Stabacinskas. The sketch of this performance have been presented in 2012 in the NLdanceLT - Lithuanian and Dutch dance collaborational event.  After a huge success we invited choreographer Jérôme Meyer to create a full lenght performance. Before the upcoming performances on 26 of February and 23 of March – we present an interview with the chorographer Jérôme Meyer.


The Great Feelings are Coming Back to the Stage

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The first urban dance performance “Feel-Link” after a year break is coming back to the stage at Arts Printing House.
Created and performed by Laurynas Žakevičius and Airida Gudaitė this dance performance represents a new generation of Lithuanian dance scene. In "Feel-Link" this creative duo is exploring feelings and perceptions of a couple, based on love they felt and love they still seek to feel. The performers employ free urban dance style, using the whole range of body‘s motility and bringing the thematic content of "Feel-Link" closer to the values of younger generation of dancers. 


Plunging in where the Vilnia meets the Neris: presentation of the audiovisual production of Vilnius

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Runar Bruteig Olsen and Anita Bjrkli artits from Bergenis staying four weeks in Vilnius to produce a stage performance. Working together with two local artists, they are presenting the result of international collaboration: welcome to a performance deeply inspired by John Cage, and his composition A Dip in the Lake. This is the second installment in a series of performing art variations on this piece. We travel from city to city, and using the principle of chance operations we record sound and video at random locations which we then put together to form an audiovisual concert performance.


Casting call for Plunging in where the Vilnia meets the Neris

Runar Bruteig Olsen and Anita Bjrkli artits from Bergenis staying four weeks in Vilnius to produce a stage performance based on John Cages composition A Dip in the Lake.
Artists would like, that two local performers will join their residency time and work with them voluntary in the creative proces and  perform in the piece. In this case local could mean natives or even just inhabitants of Vilnius. We are interested in meeting any kind of performers, so you might be a dancer, an actor, a musician etc.


January the life of the Arts Printing House will turn upside down

 KTV 2014

The walls of the old printing house will have to withstand a new challenge: a bunch of the most energetic, curious, bravest (and no secret, the noisiest) audience. The festival - "Different Theatre for Children" - the week of children theatre performances and differnt types of workshops  will ocupate the venue.


Choreographer from Switzerland presenting premier in Vilnius

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19, December – Arts Printing House and “Korzo producties” will present the premier of the dance performance – “W(o)men”, choreography by Jérôme Meyer (Switzerland/ The Netherlands).


December at Arts Printing House

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We frequently have been asked – what we can recommend for the guest arriving to Vilnius at this magical holiday season.
Arts Printing House presents the repertoire of December.