SPOT educational program to be available online

SPOT educational program to be available online

Contemporary street theater festival SPOT presents online education! All seminars and discussions will be available live on the Arts Printing House page.

An updated edition of SPOT festival is returning to Vilnius in July

An updated edition of SPOT festival is returning to Vilnius in July

Contemporary street theater festival SPOT has some great news – despite the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced a radical change in the festival program, performing arts will return to the city on July 9-12. Throughout the four days of the festival, city residents and guests will have the opportunity to attend five different events which include site-specific performances, soundwalks and installation art.


With the announcement of quarantine in early spring and summer plans of event organizers hanging on by the thread, the Art Printing House, which is organizing the SPOT festival for the third year, also found itself in the dark realizing that the planned large international program is no longer possible. This led to a collaboration with Lithuanian artists - although there are still very few examples of contemporary street theater in the country, artists from different disciplines enthusiastically took on the task of adapting their live performances to urban spaces or even creating completely new pieces.


The final program of the festival events will be announced in mid-June. As always, the festival will host a variety of performances which will allow the spectators to see both urban spaces and art from a new perspective. In addition, this year's SPOT will offer a rich educational program - Lithuanian and foreign performing arts professionals will share their experience in virtual lectures and seminars.

Festival KITOKS'20 announces this year's program

Festival KITOKS'20 announces this year's program

The tenth anniversary of international theater festival for children and youth KITOKS is on the way! KITOKS'20 will take place at the Arts Printing House on January 11-19 and the audience will have an opportunity to see over 20 shows from Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Catalonia and Italy. KITOKS'20 is inviting to have a closer experience and is ready to surprise once again with new and interesting forms of theatre.

International residency programme presents videoinstallation 'From Mother to Daughter'

International residency programme presents a creative process involving families from different backgrounds, choreography and video.

International residency programme introduces Aloun Marchal

French improviser, dancer and choreographer Aloun Marchal is currently living between Gothenburg and Paris. During the residency at the Arts Printing House, Aloun and his team of four dancers are developing their brand new piece 'SonoR'.

Residency exchange: Lukas Karvelis (LT) and Dueditre (IT)

Participants of international residency program Elena Valdetara and Vittoria Franchina (Dueditre) together with Lukas Karvelis invite you to their work-in-progress sharings.

These residencies are a part of a dance residency exchange between the Arts Printing House and IDRA, Milan. Both participant companies of artists will have the opportunity to work in Lithuania in Italy, presenting their collective work afterwards.

- Dueditre (Elena Valdetara, Vittoria Franchina) | Italy

"Syn" is the greek word for "together", "united".
Two people are bonded together so tightly to become one.
What happens if suddenly this whole breaks apart?
The inspiration for our research came from the myth of the missing half by Aristophanes which explain our instinctive desire for other human beings."

- Lukas Karvelis | Lithuania

Having already participated in the Arts Printing House international residency program in spring, Lukas Karvelis presented the work-in-progress of his performance "Blank Spots" that was later a part of the "New Baltic Dance'19" program. This Thursday, he will present the discoveries made during the past two weeks of this residency.

date: August 29 | time: 18:00
* look for directions upon arriving at the Arts Printing House
** the sharings will be held one after another in different spaces

International residents to present work in progress sharing 'Shy palms'

almost a wall
pockets full of water
echoes, a vast shelter

We would like to invite you to share a glimpse of ‘Shy palms’ a work that is on warmth, the different layers of time and trees standing behind, ‘hi’.

We are only able to host 7 people at a time, so registration is required:
08.23 20.00 | registration:
08.23 20.40 | registration:
location: studio III | duration: 20-25 min.

The work is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Kauno tvirtovės parkas, Arts Printing House, Vilnius. Premieres of the work will happen at Fort IV, Kaunas. 11, 12, 13 October, 2019. Showing at Arts Printing House, Vilnius is part of International residency program.

Grėtė Šmitaitė - choreographer, performer
Sunayana Shetty - choreographer, performer
Vicenz Kokot - musician, performer
Dovilė Gasiūnaitė - mentor

Grėtė Šmitaitė (LT/DE) - performer, choreographer, alumni of HZT Berlin ‘Dance. Context. Choreography’. Grėtė collaborates with choreographers Anna Aristarkhova, Lyllie Rouvière , Sunayana Shetty, Min Tanaka, Hanna Kritten Tangsoo, Doris Uhlich.

Sunayana Shetty (IND/DE) is a dancer/choreographer based in Berlin. She completed her Bachelor's in Dance and Choreography from the Hochsculübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin. She has collaborated with choreographers Cécile Bally, Grėtė Šmitaitė, Hanna Kritten Tangsoo, Katherine Evans, Renen Itzhaki, Sandhya Daegman, Miriam Kongstad and Lyllie Rouvière.

Vincenz Kokot is a musician and author based in Berlin. He is interested in both songwriting and improvised music and has initiated several projects, such as free-folk band ‘my sister grenadine’ and soundscape collective ‘jandl’. In 2015 his first book of poetry was published. He holds an MA in Cultural Sciences and Anthropology and works at contemporary dance center Tanzfabrik Berlin.