Ine Terese Hogstad  

Ine Terese Hogstad (29) is a dance artist, form Stavanger/Bergen, Norway. She has a Bachelor degree in Dance from the University of Stavanger. In autumn 2010, she received several scholarships and traveled to New York where she was dancing at the DNA and Steps Dance Studies. Ine lives in Bergen, Norway, where she works as a dance teacher, dancer, choreographer and freelancer. As a dance artist Ine is interested in contemporary dance, choreography, improvisation and interdisciplinary collaboration between different art forms.

TODAY collective  

TODAY Collective is recently established performing art group. The members came together at Statens Scenekunstskole during their dance and music studies. They all have an urge to finding new ways of combining the performning arts with dance- and musicfacilitation to engage children in the creative and artistic experience through dance. We are a group of four different nationalities, mostly from the nordic-baltic area, along with UK, but all currently located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We would like to work as dance artists, extending dance performances and dance as teaching collaboration to other institutions that would not normally house dance and teaching projects.

Miguel Bonneville 

Whether in performance, drawing, photographs, music, artist‘s books, Migueal Bonneville (Portugal, 1985) introduces us to autobiographical stories focused on the destruction and re-construction of identity. Bonneville presents his work throughout art galleries and international festivals, namely the projects „Family Project“ and „Miguel Bonneville“, which have been showed in Spain, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Italy and Argentina, USA and China. He has participated in artistic residencies like SAtio das Artes at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, Homesession ir Barcelona, Mugatxoan in Porto, and Transeiropa2012 in Hildesheim. He regularly participates in various musical projects using his solo Project pseudonym: BlackBambi. Project The Importance of Being Simone de Beauvoir is the title of a dance-performance Project. It is about the lives of artists whose importance has been vital in course of my work. Simone de Beauvoir is one of the first artists to be transformed into a interdisciplinary performative piece, combining contemporary dance, performance, music and literature. The aim is to reach a final performance of extended research, rehearsal and experimentation, using new creative methods.

Yael Maftsir  

Yael Maftsir is MATINEE ENSEMBLE actress, dancer and comedian “Welcome 2 Thailand” project dealing with sex tourism. Taking the sweet and sour theme of Thailand to a bitter sweet physical cabaret Shlaooiling & Maooiling, two of the stars at the SAWADIKA club build a whole world between them and the audience. The World of Happy. Two other women, Oligarch events producers , decide that ping pong shows are the next thing in the design and Luxurious events! They taking the Absurd of the ping pong shows to even more extreme up to the point that the audience get a big thai Indigestion… The show deals with the construction of a comedy in our low point of life. Thailand stages in our living room. Anyone who watches is involved in the industry. We use their body to feed our minds.

Sanna Vellava  

Sanna Vellava (born 1982) is a vertical rope artist from Helsinki, Finland. She has studied circus and dance in Finland and in Belgium. Sanna has worked with different directors in the fields of theatre, dance and circus as well as made her own pieces in collaboration with other artists. Currently she lives in Helsinki, Finland. Besides working with circus and dance, she is studying in the University of Helsinki, social and cultural anthropology as her major. RAJA (Border) is a solo performance. The project started this spring. RAJA is a research about the relationship between aerial acrobatics and contemporary dance. It is also a research on the relationship between the performer and the audience. RAJA invites each viewer to be part of the performance in a way that still allows the border between the viewer and the performer to exist, while questioning it at the same time. This solo work is about borders of me and you, one and the rest, private and public.

Howool Baek  

Howool Baek is a young Korean choreographer, based in Berlin. She mainly work in limited space and creates delicate, poetic movement. Her first work [I want to Talk with U] won at the CJ Young Festival-Korea,2007 and Chuncheon International Mime Festival-Korea,2008. And [FADE] made it to the final round of No Ballet-Germany,2009 and Yokohama Dance Collection-Japan,2010. [NOTHING for body] was selected for Aerowaves Priority List in 2012 and won the 2nd Prize and Audience Prize at Contact Energy, Germany 2012. Since 2009, her work has been internationally presented in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Netherland, Czech and Belgium. The most important of her work is communication between audience and performer. Her interest is looking for her own body language and how those body language can communicate to the audience like talking through the mouse. "body on the body" (working title) is focused on body view. The whole body will be on zoomed body projection and small part of the body (fingers, elbow, chin, etc...) will be on the whole body. It means small part of the body uses the rest of the body as a stage, the whole body uses the zoomed body projection as a stage. Minimal body movement travels through body view. Zoomed winkles builds many different view like valley, sky, sea... The body also can builds mountain, wall, door.... It will be out of normal dance form and will give new perception of the body.

Milla Koistinen  

The project we are working on is dealing with the effect of false memories to the perception of reality, the blind spots in the memory and loss of memory. The starting point of the work are the novels "The Rings of Saturn" and "Vertigo" by the German author, W.G. Sebald. On stage there will be three actors, one dancer and one musician. Milla Koistinen visited the studios of Arts Printing House while working with the director Kristian Smeds and was very impressed about the space.

Eirini Sourgiadaki  

Eirini Sourgiadaki is an author based in Athens, Greece. She was born in Crete island, Greece and has a bachelor degree in Sociology and a master in Cultural Management (Panteion University, Athens). Also has attended a 2-year Study course on Greek and foreign (English / American) Poetry. In July 2010 she participated in the annual International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA) conference in Bologna (IT) with a project about modern art in urban space entitled “Le passé n'est jamais mort: Mod-eval Bologna”. Her first book was published in 2010 [children's literature, “Το αγόρι με τα μαγικά δάχτυλα” (“The boy with the magic fingers”), Ellinoekdotiki publications] that went on as a theatrical play for three continuous seasons. Her next book is going to be published in winter '13 [fiction adult literature]. In 2011 she was nominated for the first Young Authors' Festival Prize of the Greek National Book Center and Ministry of Education. Since 2011 is also a member of Bijoux de Kant Theatre Company and writes theatrical plays and scripts for visual performances. She also co-works as a lyricist for various musicians based in Athens (Eva Kotanides) and Berlin (Hior Chronik). Since 2010 she is working as a freelance writer for cultural -printed and electronic- press. She also practices contemporary dance in a semi-professional level and participated in performances at the Athens Music Hall (Megaron), the Hellenic World Foundation and more. From November to December 2012 she worked for Martin Schick’s project “Greece for Sale” at the Gessnerallee Theater, Zürich. Tic Tac was originally formed in the end of '12. A writer, a dancer, a sociologist and a set designer with a previous experience and already an activity in the Greek theatrical scene decided to make their own first step; a performance about violence, crisis and personal relationships. "My first tic tac of all your seconds" is a research on how social situations affect persons beyond the sociological theory. A perpetual comment on the new circumstances that landed over our heads. Can we deal with this? Can we live as before? Can we fall in love again?

Sirkus Supiainen 

Sirkus Supiainen is Finnish contemporary circus company founded in 1997. We operate widely in rich field of performing arts. Sirkus Supiainen`s performances combines circus, theatre, puppetry and performance art. We are open minded and we love to break boundaries between arts. We believe in traveling against current. We believe in constant exploring and love. By it's name the performance [heresy] is a research on any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs, customs, etc. It is a study on control, substance and sanctity, inspired by art, religions and beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Projekt NMN:n performance [heresy] mixes physical theater with juggling, live music and questioning laughter. It is a dialogue between three jugglers and a folk musician concerning objects, riddles, puzzles and other important things.

Reality Research Center / Saara Hannula  

Reality Research Center (RRC) is a performing arts collective based in Helsinki, Finland. Our objective is to observe, question and renew the surrounding reality through performance, artistic research and critical theory. RRC produces a number of events and performance projects each year, which broaden and break the dominant concept of reality as well as the boundaries and definitions of theatre and performance art. Our performances are situated in all kinds of spaces and situations, often excluding conventional performance spaces and theaters. In addition, we publish a quarterly performing arts magazine and one to two books a year.

In 2012-2013, RRC works on a major project titled “Utopian Reality”. The project consist of developing new forms of culture and everyday life, which are based on performative concepts and methods. One of these forms is called Utopia Consultation. It is a performative form of encounter between two or more people, whose purpose is to open up utopian perspectives and possibilities in relation to the participant’s everyday life, identity or situation by looking at it as a series of performances or performative events. Every consultation is unique: the form and focus of the dialogue depend on the questions or issues the participant brings with him/her. Utopia emerges, when these questions are interwoven with the consultant’s methods.

Iodine teatre  

Iodine teater is a young, Norwegian-based theatre group that sets out to create theatre at the crossroads of arts, science and everyday lives. The group was born in 2010, from a desire to explore the power of art in society and the need to understand complex issues through theatrical narratives. Our expression is planted between physical and storytelling, work of the body and the spoken word. We believe in a theatre that entertains, asks questions, engages with and partakes in the world around it.

The people behind Iodine are Ragnhild Freng Dale, Sigrid Marie Førsund and Camilla Jacobsen. Guest collaborators include Matthew Milner, Kiki Lawrence, Alejandra Wundram Pimentel, Jussi Salminen and Christopher Sivertsen. The Melting Point project was initiated by Iodine in 2011, and took place at Wrap Arts Centre in Bergen. The pilot brought together young performers from Norway, Great Britain and Guatemala, who set out to explore questions of identity and climate change within the context of physical theatre. The project is now going into its second phase of production. It aims to erase the boundary between art and academic research, and tell a story from what emerges when the abstract monster of

climate change meets personal, lived lives far away from environmental extremities.

--tell me about the snow.. while we can still remember what the glacier looks like.

“Melting Bridges and Falling Snow” is the first full-length performance of Iodine’s long-term project The Melting Point. In its final form, the performance draws on the intersection between personal stories, science, and abstract change. Set in a warmer landscape than what we know today, we meet four actors who inhabit their own, shifting worlds and reflect on the changes in physical and spoken form. They move between characters and their changing relations to each other, in a story that weaves together the near and the far, the past, present and future, and seeks to understand how we, whoever we may be, can relate to the issues that seem to big to name. The script, the dates for the production period and collaborators are all ready, but Iodine needs financial support and a place to produce their work, and is therefore applying both for public grants and for residencies. The finished performance aims, in the third phase, to tour secondary and high schools in Norway to initiate conversations about climate change and how we can understand it in the context of our own and others’ lives

Marit loe Bjornstad  

Simona Biekšaitė