RekonstruotiLaura Vanseviciene-1256


contemporary dance performance

idea and choregraphy by Miglė Praniauskaitė | dancers Miglė Praniauskaitė, Karolina Indrė Žvinytė, Vincenta Gurauskaitė | lighting designer Povilas Laurinaitis | costumes designer Eglė Ališauskienė
duration 40‘

arts printing house production | program Open Space for young artists | premiere 22-23rd of October, 2015

„Reconstruct“ is a contemporary dance piece about the previous order in the world which gradually gets out of tune and distracts driving the attention away from an individual leading to a mechanical modern lifestyle. The piece distinguishes by its particular style and energy. A lot of attention is drawn to well found movements which have their exact significance, meaning and place.
Miglė Praniauskaitė is a contemporary dancer and choreographer with a Master Degree at the Dance Education. She is also one of the founders of a dance studio „šok/šok“ and a frequent participant and choreographer in various TV shows, performances and dance festivals.

Now she is creating the piece „Reconstruct“ as participating in the program for young artists “Open Space’15” at the Arts Printing House. The premiere of the performance is sheduled this autumn at the Art Printing House.


For contacts:
Gabrielė Ivanauskaitė | international projects manager , +370 638 14939