Dance and sensory video projection performance ROSETTA

duration 40 min.
choreographer and performer Živilė Virkutytė | video artist Ed Grimoldby | music: Jūra Elena Šedytė and Andrius Šiurys
created in Arts Printing House | programme for yong artists Open Space'17
premiere: 2017 November 3

*2017.11.11 Hull Dance Prize 2017 Professional Panel Award Winner

How the langue was found? How it developed into a form that we use today? And why do we have such a big gap between what we think and how we express that?
Rosetta is a movement and sensory projections performance inspired by philosophy of Rosetta Stone. This dance, visual graphic projections and experimental music piece explores the emergence of verbal communication, the change of human communication and the structure of thought, stretching from non-verbal interaction times to today's communication concept that can not be imagined without technology.
Video artist Ed Grimoldby uses Isadora software that has been created by Mark Coniglio specificaly for work with dancers. Choreographer Živilė Virkutytė also used her antropology, cognitive psychology knowlage to develope her ideas. By invoking visual arts, movement and body as the translator of human experience, the creators of the show invite the viewer to connect with his emotions and not be afraid to get to know and explore his emotional intellect.



Živilė Virkutytė is an award winning performer, choreographer and dance artist, often interested in interdisciplinary art and hybrid theatre. For the last three years she has been intensively building her portfolio as a movement artist. Currently she is drawn to an idea of exploring and evoking emotional intelect through dance, as well as researching movement as a holistic form of art. This approach entitles to examine not only different dance forms, but also different art forms, look for inspirations outside the arts world, like science and technology. Her practise contain a list of workshops and dance intensives in Europe. A collaboration with Paris butoh and contemporary dance company with a result of premiering ‘Senseless’ in Auditorium Saint-Germain and Bastille Design centre this year. An establishment of a butoh dance company OKARUKAS in Lithuania, debuting with a full length performance at prestigious Aura International Dance festival in October 2017. Resident at Arts Printing House, creating, choreographing and performing ‘Rosetta’ with Ed Grimoldby in November 2017. Grim Visions (Ed Grimoldby) is an international award winning artist specializing in the deployment of infrared motion tracking in performance and the creation of live interactive visual design. This combined with contemporary performance results in a composite medium of digital dance, wherein a performer’s actions, gestures and motion affect the environment he or she performs in. Through the combination of physical and digital mediums a new form of expression is discovered. Our work explores the tension and duality between the organic and the digital. Both visual design and movement are created together, resulting in a harmonious performance in which the visual world is a much part of the choreography as the movements chosen.

For contacts:
Gabrielė Ivanauskaitė | international projects manager , +370 638 14939