Daddy's Tale

2012-11-25 9  photo-D.Matvejevas


Daddy‘s Tale

Animated performance for the family

authors creative studio “PetPunk”, theater laboratory “Open Circle” | producer *Arts Printing House | directors Andrius Kirvela, Justas Tertelis | artist Gediminas Šiaulys

Premiere 2 February 2013

One dad couldn’t believe how fast his little girl grew up. It seems you only need to look away for a moment or stay at work for a little bit longer one day and suddenly those little hands holding onto you every morning don‘t look so little anymore. „Maybe those hands are not getting bigger? Maybe I am getting smaller and smaller under all my work I have to do? “ – thought the author of the idea and a dad himself Andrius Kirvela. Another dad, Gediminas Šiaulys silently agreed. That‘s how two dads came up with idea of creating a performance.

Together with actors of theater „Open Circle“, dads started to create a new show, where real people act together with colorful animated characters.
The performance - is inspirational, unusual and colorful gift for the whole family. This is the story of the father and daughter trip to magic country, called:-PbPbP.
The story is about understanding what is important in life and about the beliefs. This is an ode to creativity and imagination.

With the help of modern scenography, video projections of three-dimensions the scene comes to life, combining live actors and puppets acting as a virtual animation world.
The biggest challenge of this performance was to combine worlds of living people and projected images. To do that, not only you need a rich imagination, but mathematically precise design and perfect actor‘s choreography as well. A new software that allows artists to easily control the projected images was created specially for this show.
Skilled actors team and talented animation designers have created a stunning, visually entertaining performance with an interesting narrative. Kaleidoscopic animation that will give children an unforgettable time and a storyline that will make every parent think about the time they spend with their kids.

For contacts:
Gabrielė Ivanauskaitė | International projects manager , +370 638 14939