Arts Printing House (Lithuania) presents - the Phenomenon of the Year 2013 - dance performance „CONTEMPORARY?“

Idea, choreography and performance: Stage Strangers: Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Paulius Tamolė
Dramaturgy Sigita Ivaškaitė | Light design Povilas Laurinaitis
Duration 60’

This is probably the first time in Lithuania that three artists have cooperated to create a performance that looks at the Lithuanian contemporary dance scene with a self-irony glance, quoting cliché movements, phrases, even costume details. "Contemporary?” is focusing ironically on the processes of dance making. What does contemporary dance piece consist of? What does it talk about? Which objects are necessary and which are optional? Does audience understand what it is all about? Do we need to explain the meaning of the piece to the audience? The answer is – just do it.

“Dance is all my life. If I should say true dancing it is very important for me. It sticks together every little piece of your life. It is also work and not easy one. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes you just feel lazy but you just cannot live without dancing.” M.Stabačinskas.

“The first visited country with the tour was Estonia. There the audience was really interesting. When we performed, they looked at us without emotions, however after the performance they came to us and wanted to talk and interact. The same happened in Berlin - half of the audience stayed to communicate with us. It was really unexpected but pleasant!“ P. Tamolė

“<…> “Contemporary?” was recognized the best performance of [Lublin] festival.” P. Tamolė

Agne Ramanauskaitė – dancer, actor and teacher who recently and very successfully tried herself as choreographer as well. Agnė received her professional degree at The Lithuanian Theatre and Music Academy (MA in acting-contemporary dance, 2009). Since graduating she has participated in various dance trainings and still improving her professional skills in different workshops.

Mantas Stabačinskas – one of the most famous Lithuanian dancers, teacher and choreographer. In almost sixteen years of his professional career Mantas created over 30 roles and collaborated with many different choreographers from all over the world. For eleven years Mantas has been a part of Aura Dance Theater (Lithuania) and now he is a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Paulius Tamolė – is a dancer and well known Lithuanian theater and television actor, recently debuted as choreographer as well. Paulius began his professional actor career at the National Drama Theater (Lithuania) in 2005. Since then Paulius has created over 10 roles in different stages and collaborated with the well known theater directors such as Jonas Vaitkus, Oskaras Korsunovas, Jana Ross and etc. In 2008 Paulius has been nominated for the theater award as the Best Young Artists of the year.

Together with his long time stage partners Mantas, Agnė and Paulius participated in the program for young artists – “Open Stage’13”, hosted by Arts Printing House and presented an ironic contemporary dance performance “Contemporary?”

* The Performance won the Golden Stage Cross as Performing Arts Phenomenon of the year (2013)
* See the trailer of the performance:

* Reviews
They took the first step towards self-improvement with their newest performance which forces you to think about the idea and meaning of this piece. This impulse is the biggest goal which was achieved by the actors and the help of (dramaturg) Sigita Ivaškaitė. The following fact shows that the youngest group of artists in this sphere has been already included in meta theatre discourse for a reasonable reason.
Helmutas Šabasevičius | 7 Meno dienos | Nr. 44 (1058), 2013-11-29

Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Paulius Tamolė, Mantas Stabačinskas and Sigita Ivaškaitė (the reviewer of theatre and dances performances) are the saviours and lodestars in an inaccurate world of dance elements. In „CONTEMPORARY?“ the actors perfectly describe and dance out the meaning of conceptual dances, illustrate their creative process and spice everything up with a full portion of self- irony.
Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė | | 2013- 12- 08

The good performance of parody has to have 4 elements: make the audience laugh, surprise them with the plot, the parody has to be better and to show the higher quality than the original, the parody cannot become a mockery or exposing publicistic. „CONTEMPORARY?“ matches all of those criteria.
Ernestas Parulskis | | 2014 02 14

So once again I want to say thanks for Agnė, Mantas and Paulius. I had and amazing evening. Thank you for your courageous work and creative ideas. The performance created the feeling that I am not alone in this ironic world.
Vita Mozūraitė | Menų faktūra | 2013 11 26

In this performance you will not find very consequential narrative or brilliant directional decisions. But maybe this is what attracts audience with its “earthly” and “humanity”. Besides, the smiles of the performers is operating really well.
Ugnė Kačkauskaitė | Menų faktūra | 2014 10 05

Applause for all of you. This performance you cannot just look. Because you then you watching it you enjoying every move.
Valerija Lebedeva | Durys | 2014 September (Nr.9)

This performance is recommended for people who fears or just do not like contemporary dances. Or even more for those who are admires of this type of dances. I do not recommend it for people without a sense of humor and for those who do not understand irony.
Goda Dapšytė | Magazine 370 | 2013- 12- 15

“Cotemporary? “ – it is really humorous, self-critical and youthful dance performance which is capable to entertain the audience almost the whole hour. This performance suits the best especially those who recognize the quotation and allusion to the others well-known Lithuanian choreographers works.
Agnė Biliūnaitė | | 2014-05-24

Dance performance „Contemporary?“ on tour and at the festivals:
* March „Dance Act Festival“ in Cahrkov (Ukraine)
* 30 June – 3 July AltoFest in Naples (Italy)
* 5– 20 August Edinburgh Fringe festival (UK)
* 21 August – 3 September International Contemporary Dance festival in Beijing (China)
* 21–24 November Albania Dance meeting in Tirana (Albania)

* 9 - 12, February festival in Minsk (Belarus)
* 10, April festival in Białystok (Poland)
* 16 - 19, April festival in Kijev (Ukraine)
* 14, April tour in Baku (Azerbaijan)
* 17 - 21, June festival in Riga (Latvia)
* 16 - 21, June Arena Festival (Germany)
* 17-22, August Edinburg Fringe festival

* 13 - 14, August - „Urban Festival UIT“ Tartu (Estonia)
* 22, August - Festival „Plartforma“ Klaipeda (Lithuania)
* 11, November - Lublin (Poland) Dance festival
* 22, November - Šiauliai (Lithuania)
* 3, October – theatre festival Sirenos (Vilnius, Lithuania)
* 12 - 13, December - Berlin (Germany) in festival „Litauen tanzt contemporary“
* 9, May - the contemporary dance festival „New Baltic Dance“ (Vilnius, Lithuania)
* 3, April - Jouth Theater Days in Klaipėda (Lithuania)

For contacts:
Gabrielė Ivanauskaitė | international projects manager , +370 638 14939