International residency. Aloun Marchal | SonoR

Arts Printing House international residency programme introduces Aloun Marchal.

French improviser, dancer and choreographer Aloun Marchal is currently living between Gothenburg and Paris. During the residency at the Arts Printing House, Aloun and his team of four dancers are developing their brand new piece 'SonoR'. It is a sound and dance piece where the four performers are producing live the soundscape and the dance, equipped with wireless mics. The research is about reinventing your stage identity as a performer and as a collective, through body work, and sound work. The piece itself drifts from contemporary dance to concert and grotesque action based performance.

date and time: October 11, 5 p.m. | location: studio III | duration: 50' | free admission

the residency is supported by Institut Français de Lituanie

Event date:
2019 October 11 d. 17:00