interactive dance performance-installation for children of 4–24 months | duration 40'

choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė | dancer Giedrė Subotinaitė | composer Rasa Dikčienė | costume designer Rūta Biliūnaitė | light designer Aurelijus Davidavičius

supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture

Full of secrets, colored and soft meadow in which children together with the dancer are engageed to seek adventure and look for treasures, experience joy of discovery and communication, share their impressions and emotions. The form of performance-installation allows children to explore dance and environment without limitations in time needed to get involved.

Dansema Dance Theatre



tel. +37061402652


arts printing house | pocket hall

tickets: 7 eur | tickets at the box offices of TIKETA

Event date:
2019 February 24 d. 17:00
2019 April 06 d. 11:00
2019 April 06 d. 17:00
2019 June 01 d. 15:00
2019 June 01 d. 17:00