KITOKS'18: TIERRA EFIMERA | Collectivo Terron (France)

for 7-13 years old children, duration 45’

Cast: Guillermo Manzo, Miguel García Carabia, Marie Neichel | Directed by: Núria Àlvarez Coll, Miguel García Carabias | Construction and props: Júlia del Barco Carreras, Alba Pawlowsky Ferret, Núria Àlvarez Coll | Executive producer: Colectivo Terrón | International management: Obsidiana, artist accompaniment | With the collaboration of: La Petite Roulotte | With the support of: Cap Berriat, Tierractual, CRAterre

TERRA EFIMERA Earth, the material that surrounds us, is the subject of this performance. Through a big screen, earth and water are shown in different states. The lighting will emphasize its colours and textures, meanwhile the shadows will take the lead of the performance. The space is controlled by the instantaneous creation. Paintings and landscapes in scene are created and disintegrated. Music maintains the movements in harmony during the performance, creating a personal and poetic atmosphere, submerging the public in an imaginary world where the first image is never what it seems.

THE COMPANY Terron Company is constituted by Miguel Garcia and Nuria Alvarez in 2009. After two years of working together, they discover Earth as a material.


Tierra Efímera_Trailer from colectivo terron on Vimeo.


arts printing house | black hall

IMPORTANT: every viewer needs a ticket | small children can not enter for free

tickets: 5€ | falimy ticket (4+): 4€- this discount only available at the counter of Arts Printing House  | tickets at the box offices of TIKETA*(buy online here) | tickets for groups (from 10 people)

Event date:
2018 January 12 d. 10:00
2018 January 12 d. 18:00