contemporary dance performance for children: 0-3 years

language of performance: non-verbal

choreographer Birute Baneviciute | dancers: Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Marius Pinigis, Mantas Stabačinskas. Giedrė Subotinaitė
composer Rasa Dikčienė | lighting Aurelius Davidavičius | playwright-consultant Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė

dance theatre  "Dansema"

Mozaika 16  photo-D.Matvejevas maza

How doeas the surrounding world looks like for a small child? Is it a round yellow or blue square? Or maybe green soft hollow?

 Small children's knowledge of the world around them begins with a variety of geometric shapes (cube, sphere, cone) and colors (green, red, yellow, blue, orange). The various geometrical shapes and colors creators delis like a mosaic, it turns into children readable vegetables - carrot, tomato, cucumber, and sometimes beyond recognition, mushrooms, fruits, flowers. While traveling through the different stages of child development, dancers like children under one year will be creeping, crawling, like  of the second year - flounder, go, flee, and the age of three - absconding or spin. This child\'s movement and the movement will be accompanied by specially created music for this performance, the choice of a high, simple in this age group acceptable sounds and their combinations.


There will be alternated watching the action and movement performance, knowing that the children can concentrate on just a few minutes.


* reviews:

This is an ideal show to bring younger children to – there are plenty of opportunities to get involved too, whether it be bouncing along in time to the performers and music, rolling coloured shapes across the room or at the end being invited to play with all of the ‘puzzle’ shapes. | four stars
edinburgh festivals for kids | 2015

The dance is as complex and sophisticated as any modern dance group and aside from one or two near misses between them the dancers are performing as if they had a Royal Performance for this is a show where the kid is King.
August 22, 2015 by Donald Stewart | fringereview.co.uk


//Lithuanian Dance Scene 2012// Puzzle | Mozaika // Birutė Banevičiūtė from Lithuanian Dance on Vimeo.


arts printing house | black Hall

tickets:  7 € | tickets can be purchased at the TIKETA box office (buy online)



Event date:
2015 October 18 d. 11:00
2015 November 22 d. 11:00
2016 January 31 d. 11:00
2016 March 19 d. 11:00
2016 May 14 d. 11:00
2016 May 14 d. 14:30
2016 May 14 d. 17:00
2016 October 02 d. 11:00
2016 October 02 d. 14:30
2017 February 18 d. 11:00
2017 February 18 d. 15:00
2017 December 16 d. 11:00
2018 March 17 d. 11:00
2018 March 17 d. 15:00
2018 March 17 d. 17:00
2018 October 28 d. 11:00
2018 October 28 d. 15:00
2018 October 28 d. 17:00
2018 December 08 d. 11:00
2018 December 08 d. 15:00
2018 December 08 d. 17:00
2019 March 17 d. 11:00
2019 November 24 d. 11:00
2019 November 24 d. 17:00