International residency programme presents videoinstallation 'From Mother to Daughter'

International residency programme presents a creative process involving families from different backgrounds, choreography and video.

working group:

Finnish choreographer Maria Saivosalmi-Katinas
documentary film director Vytautas Puidokas
cinematographer Vytautas Katkus
project is supported by Kone Foundation

time of residency: last spring and this autumn

The group has been working with families from different back grounds. Working has included conversations with families and based on the conversations they have worked together some choreographic tasks in the frame of movement. Final art piece will be a videoinstallation.
Filmings happened last weekend at the Arts Printing House.

Working group is inviting people for a work-in-progress presentation where they will be sharing the process and showing some raw footage of filmed material.

date and time: October 25, 5 p.m. | location: pocket hall
free admission