International resident Pietro Marullo to present HIVE

A huge colored cube appears on the stage. It’s an abstract object that suggest to the public several meanings. We could consider it as a totem, or as a house, or as the variety of possibilities, or as our habits, our laws, or our confused inner world.

International residency program „Print Art On Stage″ presents Pietro Marullo and his interdisciplinary performance „HIVE - our hydrological need of cosmic lines″.

The performance mixes dance, sound and visual art. Using movement, symbols and objects, Pietro Marullo explores human history, culture and identity, our habits and traditions. What would be our common future if we start to consider ourselves as a species? What would be our new philosophy, our new institutions and laws? How we will change our habits related to everyday life, food, energy, animals? Which kind of emotions this new dance should express? These are the questions asked by Pietro in his newest performance.

Pietro Marullo is also part of the AEROWAVES 2018 Artists selection.

date and time: 9th July, 4 p.m.
location: Arts Printing House, black hall
duration: 35'
free admission