International residents Emile Pineault and Simon Wiborn exploring the Anatomy of Power

Anatomy of power is a collaborative project bringing together two young choreographers, dancers and acrobats, one from Canada, the other from Sweden. Emile Pineault and John Simon Wiborn have very similar backgrounds, both having high-level circus training (National Circus School of Montreal and University of Dance and Circus, in Stockholm). First trained as a flyer and acrobat, their respective practices now shifted towards dance and choreography. As soon as they met, they saw their common desire to break the boundaries between dance and acrobatics. Their artistic approaches put into movement their acrobatic body, starting from the impulses and sensations produced by their acrobatic practice. They want to put into dialogue different artistic genres, always testing their codes and their limits.

Anatomy of Power is a visual poem about the relation between the body, the power and the intimate. Emile and Simon metamorphose themselves, images into images, questioning notions such as intimacy, transformation, animality, consent, manipulation ... The two performers explore the concept of otherness, crossing a series of relationships which will immerse the public in the heart of soft, strange, funny, sensual and violent intimacy. They constantly seek to de-formalize the norms of their bodies thus allowing a greater individual and mutual fluidity.

By a demanding and exacerbated physicality, Emile and Simon contortion themselves, carry each other, throw and crush themselves, connect, disconnect. Here, they put in tension the human and the animal, the passive and the active, the feminine and the masculine, the vertical and the horizontal, the primal and the social. Their bodies interlock, tangle, dislocate, unite, sometimes erasing the boundaries between the two individuals.

Emile Pineault is performing at New Baltic Dance'19.

April 30th 5:30 PM | studio II | duration: 60' | free admission