Residents from Israel to Present an Open Rehearsal

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Participants of International residency program Print Art On Stage invite you to an open rehearsal of their newest dance piece "School for the Blind"

“A blind, colorless world, where anything is available, and all is hidden from sight”
SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND is a research for the connection between the information received by the 2-dimensional compared with the 3-dimensional one. In a world where these two formats coexist and fight over attention daily, we ask which one is more real? which one takes more space in our lives? and where can each one place themselves in this reality and hyper-reality, between truth and false, having an idea and the embodiment of it.

creative team: Avidan Ben-Giat (Israel), Maria Nurmela (Finland), Talya Weitzman (Israel) | co-producer: מחול שלם Machol Shalem Dance House
duration: up to 30'
cover picture by Talya Weitzman

arts printing house | studio III
free admission | join the discussion with creative team after the presentation!

International residency program is financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality