Monika Neverauskaitė Presenting Worn In Progress Of Her Newest Circus Piece

Arts Printing House international residency program Print Art On Stage presents Monika Neverauskaitė - Lithuanian contemporary circus artist who have finished circus studies in French circus school Lido.
Monika, under the name of Soloneviena, is creating a solo piece with her circus discipline - Cyr wheel. We invite you to see the work in progress presentation of her piece "Harry the 3rd".

Circus, contemporary circus, from all the other art forms probably differs the most with the factor of risk. In this piece risk is one of the main element that goes all through the story. How often do we risk in life? Do we realize how important something is only when we lose it?

Harry the 3rd
Harry is a friend. A very good friend. Everyone of us has one but we probably call him by a different name. He can listen to you, agree with you, be with you. And he can also break. The same way as we all can break. A story about loneliness and fragility.
Loneliness when you create your own world in your mind with your fantasy. When you start believing in things that only you know of. To make you feel less lonely. Fragility that everyone of us has but who dares to show it? The strength within fragility.
Cyr wheel as a circus discipline meets... eggs. Playing around with a wheel and eggs on the same floor. How far the game can get?

duration 20'
join the discussion with the artist after work in progress presentation

arts printing house | black hall
free entrance

This project had residencies in Subtopia, Stockholm, in collaboration with Albin Warette as an artistic eye

Arts Printing House international residency program Print Art On Stage is financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality