Circus Education Program: REGISTRATION OPEN

Just like every year, New Circus Weekend offers a Circus Education program for performing artists. This year's teachers are professionals who will also be seen on stage in the festival's performances.


New Circus Weekend’18: EDUCATION PROGRAM


Angela Wand & Stephen Rappapor (Sweden/USA) 


4 – 6 September | 10.00 – 14.00 Studio III | 30 €

The workshop becomes a framework for the unraveling of an imaginal choice that leads to the in depth research and development of characters and stories. Participants are encouraged to allow, acknowledge and accept, the presentation of material that comes up out of the unknown... The Other Side. The ultimate objective is for the participant to build greater trust in their intuition, impulses, imaginations, ideas in their innate creativity.


Thomas Monckton (New Zeland)


6 September | 11.00 – 16.00 (including 1 hour break)

Studio II | 15 €

Physical Articulation for Comedy involves body isolation, contemporary mime, applied mask technique (no mask), mimicry, object manipulation, and contextual improvisations. This

introduction to physical theatre movement technique concentrates on the articulation of the body and interactions with each other and objects in context with movement and space to create clear non-text comical narratives and expressions. Participants will learn how to isolate movements, use personal eccentricities to a comical advantage, and how to create and break rhythm in order to create laughter.


Nanda Suc and Federico Robledo (France) 


7- 8 September, 10.00 – 12.00

Studio III | 20 €

We always work with the company's artistic approach: here with the show COW LOVE.

The body in movement, humor (the second-degree, the self-mockery) and music are the main pillars of our work. We are looking for letting go, laughter and bodily commitment.

For this purpose, we promote the spontaneity of gestures and attitudes in order to bring out the personalities of each one and take out codes that we know and that force us.


Registration deadline 26th of August > | please write your personal contact information and short description of your work in your registration e-mail


Discounts: 30% for students and people attending more than one workshop Program can be corrected

If you have questions about the content of the workshops or their authors, please contact

Venue Arts Printing House, Šiltadaržio st. 6, Vilnius, Lithuania