Urban Spray Lexicon - Italians reading Vilnius walls

Arts Printing House international residency program Print Art On Stage presents resident's from Italy "Ateliersi" work: Urban Spray Lexicon | On the Road towards Vilnius Walls Chapter

Urban Spray Lexicon is a dramaturgical and performative research of the writings that appear and disappear from the city walls. Ateliersi collects the writings from today annotating and photographing them, and rescues those from the past digging them up in books, reviews and private collections. From the collected material Ateliersi composes a new dramaturgy, storing them in the poems becomes a way of preserving the ephemeral.

To these small units of text, on the scene are given cries and whispers: visual signs are transformed into performative gestures. It is an artistic operation where theatrical language operates in straight contact with visual arts and sound design, where the dynamics of an urban landscape become a scenic material. Ateliersi is interested in the street, inhabited by anonymous individuals, where the limit between public and private is mobile and undefined.

In the occasion of Ateliersi’s artistic residency at Arts Printing House in Vilnius, while exploring Vilnius wall writings and working on the Vilnius Walls Chapter of Urban Spray Lexicon Project, Ateliersi will present an excerpt from the work, for this special occasion translated in Lithuanian language and performed together with Monika Poderytė in collaboration with Arts Printing House.

Ateliersi is an artistic production’s collective from Bologna, Italy which operates in the field of theatre and performing arts. It deals with artistic production (performances, dramaturgy, editorial projects, actor’s training) and with Atelier Sì’s cultural interdisciplinary program. Ateliersi’s creation sets out theatrical works and artistic interventions, where performative gesture forms an organic dialogue with anthropology, literature, musical production and visual arts, facilitating a communication of thought capable of intercepting anxieties and perspectives, which coagulate meaning around the world’s subversions. Ateliersi’s artistic work is characterized by a multidisciplinary and innovative approach focused on a pronounced performativity towards the contamination between theatrical and other artistic languages.

arts printing house | studio II | duration 60' | free admission | Q&A's / discussion after the presentation