International resident's performance: a sneak peak of the upcoming premiere

Arts Printing House international residencie's program Print Art On Stage invites you to meet our current residents on March 4. Contemporary circus and visual theater troupe Kallo Collective from Finland presents a work in progress/open rehersal of Chameleon  - their newest show that is set to premiere in Finland this spring in Helsinki circus festival.

Chameleon is an ensemble visual and circus theatre show using the concept and visual elements of camouflage and set in the context of a luxurious and peculiar hotel. The various areas of the hotel are home to vibrant catastrophes punctuate by physical and visual humour. This is the largest show for Kallo Collective so far, involving 6 circus artists.

Kallo Collective is an international performance company producing shows that live somewhere between physical theatre and contemporary circus. The founding members all studied together at the physical theatre school of Jacques Lecoq in Paris and all members have a background in circus training.

After the performance the viewers are welcome to ask questions and hear some stories about the troupe's creative life, contemporary circus and the upcoming premiere.


created by Thomas Monckton and Gemma Tweedie | performed by Inga Björn, Kristiina Janhunen, Jenni Kallo, Sakari Saikkonen, Gemma Tweedie, and Olli Vuorinen

arts printing house | studio III

4th of March | 17.30 | admission free

down at the photo gallery you can find troupe's short answers to even shorter questions