Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Contemporary? review

Contemporary Dmitrijaus Matvejevo nuotr 1

One of the the biggest Edinburgh Festival Fringe reviewers The List magazine published a review of our very well known performance "Contemporay?"

It was written by the arts journalist Donald Hutera and rated three stars.




Amusing, thoughtful and straight-faced dance parody that contains fine dancing by a cast of three

This enjoyable and genuinely skilled take-off of many of the clichés and pretensions inhabiting the making of contemporary dance has apparently been a big hit in its native Lithuania, garnering acclaim, awards and touring invitations abroad. In an extra layer of irony, it actually contains quite a lot of fine dancing from a cast of three.

Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Paulius Tamolė and Mantas Stabačinskas play earnest (or, in the latter's case, cynical) dance artists stewing in the cauldron of creative conflict. The opening is priceless. The trio is slowly writhing in low-key light until one of them breaks the spell with a deadly comment: 'This is boring!' (There's at least one work on the Fringe right now where I thought the same thing while I endured three dancers moving in a remarkably similar fashion).

What ensues is a mix of self-critical dialogue and full-blown dance that covers territory ranging from ridiculously vague concepts to nonsensical props and costumes. If you've ever rolled your eyes at an awkwardly affected, po-faced duet, or wondered why some dancers exchange a glut of quasi-meaningful looks during a performance while others feel compelled to talk, then Contemporary? could be just right for you.

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