New Circus Weekend'16: education programme



International contemporary circus festival New Circus Weekend'16 presents a Circus education programme

Circus education programme is two weeks of creative laboratories and seminars for circus, dance, clownery and physical theatre professionals. Contamporary circus practicians from France, Italy and Germany will be sharing their experience and knowlage. All the seminars will be held in English. 
The number of participants is limited and registration is required.

Acrobatic research laboratory
William Thomas (France) (password: acrobat)
29th – 31th August; 1st – 3rd September.
*Time will be specified later
For dancers, acrobats
Price: 20 EUR

In parallel to their show WillyGoodWood, circus troupe Cie Bam presents an acrobatic research laboratory. It aims to guide participants in exploring and deepening their own physical vocabulary. Each individual, depending on their abilities and potential, cal develop a quite atypical acrobatic lexic and use it to serve his artistic practice.


The laboratory will have four stages: bases, research, choreography and presentation. The last-mentioned one will be dedicated to the actual presentations of the laboraroty results

Workshop – laboratory „The dramaturgic path in contemporary circus: a collective experience of research , creation and presentation“
Roberto Margo (Italy)
29th August – 4th September. 14.00 – 17.00
5th – 10th September. 13.00 – 17.00 
For circus, clownery performers and directors
Price: 30 EUR


Rhythm, space, levels and body lines are the bases for the development of the consciousness of what does it means to transform a technique in a vocabulary, a sequence in a phrase and a style in a language in order to know how to write with ours body, object, partners, skills, desires ect ect.

What is a physical metaphor?

What does it means to write in circus?


The collective experience of creation

The second part it's dedicated to the application of the principles developed on the laboratory.

What is a theme, how to develop it trough the metaphors ?

What is the collective breathing?

The presentation

The presentation it's the moment when the artist meet the public.

What to say to the audience?

Which kind of artistic risk we can take?

How much the meeting with the public influence ours way to be on stage?


*Everyone who wants to partcipate  has to send a motivation letter, CV and has to attend 100% of the workshop

Circus dramaturgy workshop
Adrian Schvarzstein (Spain)
29th August – 1st September. 17:00 – 21:00 
For circus, clownery performers and directors
Price: 20 EUR



Each participant will present his number , in a commun dramaturgy.

Four days of an intensive practise  in this circus workshop – from the artist‘s presence on stage to the dramaturgy of a circus number.

By using practical examples and  physical exercises, participants will explore a process of creating a circus performance and learn ho to tell a story through your circus skills.

At the end of the workshop the results will be presented to the audience – short but dynamic circus show.


Seminar „Wrestlig bodies“
OVERHEAD PROJECT / Tim Behren & Florian Patschovsky (Germany)
10th – 11th September. 11.00 – 14.00
For circus performers, dancers, acrobats and physical theater actors.
Price: 20 EUR


In connection to the circus performance „Carnival of the body“, its creators present and educational workhop for the Professional dancers, circus artists and physical actors.

The authors of the workshop sees circus as an experience and try to reveal inner sensations through the technique they came from – the acrobatic partner work.

Worjshop fosuces on the intimacy and what the bodies of acrobatic partners actualy feel and experience. How the human beauty is revealed, what happens in-between the acrobatic movements and under the surface of an, acording to authors, often too choreographed circus. Spectacular format of the circus tricks often functions as mask, behind which the human inside the cirsus artist can hide. The creators says, that this is why they are searching for a circus without technical masquerade.

Starting point for the workshop is the movement language of wrestling, explored by our acrobatic bodies. Participants will be working on various wrestling moves and focus on their rhythm. Pin downs, fly-high-moves and different landing techniques will be presented as well.

You can register until 25 August
Register via this email: 

*IMPORTANT : everyone who wants to participate must send us their CV, a motivational letter and attend all the sessions of chosen programme.
Participants who register for two or more courses get a discount.

More information here:
Gintarė Masteikaitė +37065771080
* organizers can change the program
Programme is sponsored by Lithuanian Council for Culture