Circus Night at Arts Printing House – Fascinating Acrobatics and Freed Emotions



On the routes of Culture Night the Arts Printing House and the New Circus Weekend festival invite you to acknowlege the art of contemporary circus. The Circus Night programme contains a lot – from Lithuanian and foreign artists‘ performances to juggling lessons and acrobatic yoga.

Contemporary circus troupe from France „Marcel et ses drôles de femmes“ will present „Miss Dolly“ - a comical air acrobatics show with burlesque, and Western elements. 35-minute show will surprise and liberate the imagination. Lost Love tells the story of four bodies charismatic artists who are wrestling with the matter, the human potential and the will. The show is full of humor and elements of unfettered emotion. Finnish „Race Horse Company“ will perform „Motosikai“ - movable, adjustable and fun circusshow to be played outside, inside, on streets, at festivals and different kind of happenings all around Europe. One place to another moving van contains three circus-artists, twisted humour, teeterboard jumps, acrobatics, a cyborg and a ton of surprises.
The show pushes forward with steaming power trough absurd series of skill and action. Motosikai is a parody of itself and brings sound and enjoyment to all kinds of human lifeform.

Circus Night will also give you an opportunity to see a genre not yet popular in Lithuania – the absurd circus. You will be able to see it at the mono play „Klaida‘s Ad“ performed by Indrė Lencevičiūtė. All visiting the main yard of the Arts Printing House will be able to participate in a juggling gear production workshop and juggling lessons with Lithuanian contemporary circus troupe „Antigravitacija“. This troupe will have been prepared live music and fire improvisation and acrobatic yoga session.

„Usually, the Arts Printing House season is opened with New Circus Weekend festival, but this year circus is the center of attention when finishing the season as well“ – says festival coordinator Gintarė Masteikaitė. Circus Night will be an exceptional events in the Culture Night, that will make you look up, admire acrobatic tricks and feel the contemporary circus atmosphere.