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The Arts Printing House tries to encourage and strengthen the interaction between Lithuanian artists and guests from other countries via Artists in Residence program Print Art on Stage. We offer a covered 1-4 weeks residency to professional international producers of performing arts: art directors, festival programmers or managers of the field at the lively and diverse contemporary culture venue situated in the Old Town of Vilnius.



main objectives of residencies’ program at arts printing house:

• to provide residency services for international young performing arts creators who implement innovative, alternative, experimental projects
• to promote and support young innovative artists of contemporary non verbal, physical, experience based, street theatre as well as dance, new circus, new opera and interdisciplinary projects
• to nurture and develop – through performing arts and international cultural cooperation – ideas of creative society
• to bring foreign contemporary performing arts experience, knowledge and innovations to Lithuania;
• to activate and develop cooperation and exchanges of the Lithuanian artistic community, especially – performing arts scene, with its international counterparts
• to act as a mediator in building up artistic and creative exchanges in Nordic-Baltic area;
• to promote idea of artistic residencies in Lithuania and the Baltic
• to create preconditions for artistic and creative exchanges between Nordic-Baltic area and the rest of the world
• to nurture embryos and works in progress of various contemporary performing arts projects leading to later full-fledged artistic products and their dissemination in the future


For the successful applicants travel, accommodation and working space expenses will be covered by the program.

Application must be submitted and returned to by 10th of June, 2016.


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