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Sventasis pavasaris new


After more than a century Urban Dance Theater Low Air is seeking to resurrect the ballet and orchestral concert work by composer Igor Stravinsky and carry it through the urban choreography. On 28th of May at the Arts Printing House Low Air presents contemporary and street dance performance "The Rite of Spring".

Although in Lithuania, like in the rest of the world, "The Rite of Spring" versions have been developed quite a lot, but it will be the first urban interpretation of this classical piece.
Idea and choreography by Laurynas Žakevičius and Airida Gudaitė – well known Lithuanian urban dance artists, the creative due known as Low Air, who uncovers the artistic potential of street dance and introduces it to theatre lovers across the country.

Both known from street dance contests and festivals as winners of several awards, the two dancers created the first urban dance performance in Lithuania entitled „Feel Link“ (premjere in 2011 at the Arts Printing House, Vilnius). In 2012, the performance was nominated for the prestigious Lithuanian theatre award. In 2014, Airida and Laurynas won the Golden Stage Cross Award as Best Choreographers of 2013 for the performance „Home Trip“.

Contemporary dance performace „The Rite of Spring“ is the third work in the professional theatre stage, which combines contemporary and street dance, live music and modern interpretation of the classical ballet.


>> 28th of May | 18.00 and 21.00 | black hall <<