closing the season at the arts printing house


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The vibrant performing arts venue and a meeting place for artistic souls Arts Printing House closing it’s fourteenth season and presenting repertoire for May and June.


The jubilee international contemporary dance festival “New Baltic Dance’16” will celebrate it’s 20th birthday worth finish with the guests from Iceland – the concert-performance by Erna Omarsdottir, Valdimar Johannsson “Lazyblood”. Their music can be described as an electronic metal opera with some theatrical and physical input, a particular touch of disco and innovative head-banging. We promise you that every single audience member will go home with a smile on their face and warmth in their hearts. This can possibly be a life-saving experience.



GODOS 2 - Copy

Guests from Kaunas dance theater “Aura” will be touring in Vilnius on the 13th and 29th of May

Contemporary dance performance “Pandora” (choreography and direction  Vilma Pitrinaitė) is a restless and fearless game with destruction. We are oversoaked with the slashing, self-defending, nauseating and amazingly divine zest, which is the nature of live cell with the programmed destruction in it. What to feel fear for? Every cell will return to the initial chaos, from which it is created. So, we are like gods, creating and destroying constellations of the bodies. We are playing with fictions, signs and symbols, with the dreams of the past world, because we don’t want that somebody would create myths for us. We would like to create them by ourselves.

In collaboration with the Panta Rei Dance Theatre (PRD) from Norway the performance “Godos” will premiere on 29th of May.
What is the importance of history to any individual? How does the past shape our identity? “Godos”, considered to be a Lithuanian feminine narrative, takes one of the starting points in this double bill dance performance. Godos is an old Lithuanian word that is usually defined as wistful dreams, hopes, nostalgic thoughts and unfulfilled expectations. What does Godos mean today and how do we experience Godos?


Spalvoti zaidimai Dansema

Arts Printing House for children

The weekend of 14-15 of May will be delegates for the infants under 3 years – dance theater Dansema will present their phenomenal dance performances “Puzzle” and “Colorful Games”  by choreographer Birute Baneviciute and on 16th of May – choreographer with the dancer Giedre Subotinaite will invite parents with their little ones to the Monday Dance for Babies - the dance class for children of 8-14 months age.


Reconstruct | Rekonstruoti (by Migle Praniauskaite) from Migle Praniauskaite on Vimeo.

On the 18th of May – young choreographer Migle Praniauskaite presenting her debut dance performance at the big stage – “Reconstruct” (Arts Printing House production).
Reconstruct is a piece about previous world order, which gradually goes out of tune, distracts and takes the attention away from the individual by focusing on today’s mechanical lifestyle. If one is not focused, one is easier to be off balance. We are more and more taken into consciously organized activities, we want to take in everything and everywhere leave a bit of ourselves. Maybe instead of having everything deconstructed we should start thinking of putting everything in its place.


Sventasis pavasaris new


On the 28th of May – the first Lithuanian Urban Dance Theatre “Low Air“ invites audience to a premiere – street dance performance "The Riot of Spring" inspired by the composer Igor Stravinsky.
After more than a century Urban Dance Theater "Low Air" is seeking to resurrect the ballet and carry it through the urban choreography, especially created music and the latest technical audio and video broadcasting capabilities.

And the very last event of the season – Circus Night at the Arts Printing House is inspired by the one night festival of culture, “Culture Night” which will take over Vilnius.
On the 17th of June all events will be free and the program for the Culture Night at the Arts Printing House is on the Calendar section.