celebrating the day of the restoration of the state of Lithuania through love and art


Feellinkai Ryga vasario16


There were many ways that Lithuanians all over the world were celebrating the Day of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania. From family dinners, processions to huge concerts in city centers. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Latvia was in particularly creative this year. 


Arts Printing House was proud to join the ambassador, Mr. Ričardas Degutis and for this special occasion to the guests of the Embassy present the first Lithuanian street dance performance "FEEL-LINK", created by young choreographers and dancers Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius.


Creative duo is exploring feelings and perceptions of a couple, based on love they felt and love they still seek to feel. The artists see through correlations and consonances between musical framework of the performance and the central idea behind it. The title – "Feel-Link" – is based on two words transformed to make the theme stand out: tangibility of feelings in a culture of free perceptions, values and choices. 




>> "Feel-Link" at home - April 28th at the arts printing house <<