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Low Air Sezonas o ant kalno


On Saturday, 6th of February in Thingeyri (Iceland) - our Residents Urban Dance Theatre Low Air will present the happening "Sezonas, o ant kalno...?" which is the second part in the series of four exhibitions. The theme of this exhibition is public spaces while making the point that arts can overstep the borders of galleries, museums and cultural centres.



While searching for these unusual and abandoned spaces to expose art and bring more life in we discovered a phrase written on a lantern lamp in the town of Utena which became the title for the current exhibition: “When You left me I could not stop crying from laughter”. These kind of messages or “city-poetry” become like a witness of this rather invisible life of an artist who is in search of self-expression and desires to be heard and understood. This little rough, ironic, adolescent, odd statement became quite comical as the title of an exhibition. That is also descriptive of a playful, self-critical and somewhat ironic and flexible atmosphere of the upcoming event.


There will be a guided exhibition with 6 Icelandic and Lithuanian artists presenting their work in 4 different places in Thingeyri. The tour will take about 3 hours. The artwork was created and presented in july 2015 in Utena.

Artists present:
Anna Sigríður Ólafsdóttir
Solveig Edda Vilhjálmsdóttir
Vitalij Červiakov
Audrius Šimkūnas
Žilvinas Landzbergas
LOW AIR Urban Dance Theatre

The exhibition is a cooperation between the Utena Art Centre and Simbaholl.