Weekend at the Arts Priting House with the Dance Premieres


Rekonstruoti Laura Vanseviciene


For the beginning of this holiday season the Arts Printing House has two presents for the audience. This weekend, 18th-20th of December, we preset two contemporary dance premieres.


“Blind Spot” is the newest piece created by well known Lithuanian choreographer Vytis Jankauskas: “It‘s the twelfth play of our theatre. It is different because the main ideas are communicated not only through dancers’ physical interaction but also by collision of their sight and points of views. This is accomplished by using visualisations that re-transmit the views seen by the dancers at real time. Conflict emerges when the realty is replaced with phantasmagoria, some sort of surreal sights of unknown origin – is it just a flick of imagination, or is it something we did not notice, maybe even chose not to see.“


* 18th of December, at 7 pm in the black hall

“Reconstruct” is presented by the Arts Printing House program for young artists “Open Space”. The performance is created by talented choreographer Miglė Praniauskaitė who is debuting with the piece on the professional theater stage. The choreographer says that performance stands out with high energy and constant motion. "Recently, the growing number of dance performances in Lithuania, in which projections play an important part, dancers talk and directly contact with the audience. I am really happy to see all this on stage, but I always prefer pure movement and only that. A few decades ago such point view could look like a traditional way, old-fashioned, but in today's context, it is becoming a rarity, " says Miglė Praniauskaitė.

In the gallery – moments from the performance “Reconstruct”. Photos by Laura Vanseviciene

* The premiere is on the 20th of December, 7 pm., black hall

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