Festival for Children KITOKS Launched the Program




19-24th of January, 2016 the Arts Printing House will become the biggest playground in Vilnius – festival for children KITOKS will take over the venue.
The program for 2016 is launched – with the performances from France, Canada, Finland, Sweden and the premieres presented by two Lithuanian troupes.
Also in the program – for the first time the festival will invite parents for a discussion, theater professionals and teachers to the workshops.
For the children KITOKS prepared many activities before and after the events.
All program here and in our Calendar section.



19th of January, Tuesday |10.00 and 18.00 | black hall
visual performance SWIFT! | recommended for 5-10 years old children | Skappa! & Associés (France)

After 10 million km2, Skappa ! travels to more distant lands and embarks on large and small boats to explore other continents, real and imaginary. SWIFT ! takes us on a journey of absurd proportions: a sense of excess, of joke of nature, of difficulty to confront to too large or too small objects...

20th of January, Wednesday, 10.00 | 23rd of January, Saturday, | 12.00 and 15.00 | black hall
object circus performance “Plastic” | recommended for 5-9 years old children | “Théâtre Puzzle" (Canada)

What more surprising than a plastic bags world where funny and colorful creatures are born and transform themselves as much as they like! Remaining faithful to it’s artistic approach Puzzle Theatre offers you once again a multicolored performance with unusual puppets, humor and unexpected situations.

20th of January, Wednesday | pocket hall
10.00 (before the performance historical excursion), recommended for 4-6 years old children
12.00 (before the performance historical excursion 12.00), recommended for 7-10 years old children
object theater performance “Secrets from the Past” | Table Theatre (Lithuania)
 >performed in Lithuanian<
Open the secret of history of your land and arts. See how people had fun, what wore and ate, what secret rituals had in the past. The excursion in the theatre hall about Lithuanian king Mindaugas,  Žalgiris battle, queen Barbora Radvilaitė and šv. Kazimieras.

21st of January, Thursday | 10.00 and 12.00 | black hall
animation, circus and dance performance "Elsewhere" | recommended for 5-7 years old children | Company Ilmatila (Finland)

Elsewhere explores the possibilities of combining animation, circus and dance in a live performance context. The imagery of the piece is constantly changing and nothing is what it seems to be. Let‘s go to the animation fantasy world!

22nd of January, Friday | 10.00 and 14.00 | black hall
visual and poetic show “Cité” | recommended for 5-10 years old children | Cie le Clan des Songes performance (France)

“Cité”, an urban themed fairy tale, portraying the wanderings of a character in an urban landscape. The town is suggested here by a surrealist decor, inspired by the work of Evsa Model, a New York based contemporary artist, whose works use large slabs of solid bright colour and geometric shapes. This cosy space is a poetic place to let go of reality and let fantasy take over.

22nd of January, Friday | 23rd of January, Saturday | 10.00 | pocket hall
interactive dance performance „Colourful games“ | recommended for 0-3 years old children | Dance Theatre DANSEMA (Lithuania)

Games are not just a pleasant activity of babies and small children, which take most of the time in the first years of their life. By playing, children get to know themselves and the surrounding world, explore and learn: to sit and crawl, climb and jump, grasp and drop, catch and kick, smile and frown, share and make friends, think and enjoy. The dance performance „Colourful games“ is full of unexpected colourful things that motivate young audience together with the dancer to explore and discover a lot of new about themselves and the environment.

24th of January, Sunday | 12.00, 15.00 and 17.00 | black hall
an experience "Trace" | recommended for 5-9 years old children | Live art collective MELO (Sweden)

Trace is an adventurous walk through tunnels, snow grafitti, footprints and wall-climbing dance. Barefeet through a landscape of carpets, the audience moves around the room, to new perspectives and ways to participate in the experience. Together with MELO, the children create sounds, change the room and leave imprints, traces.
After the performance DON‘T rush! Keep together and have a fun with performance artists and partisipate in a creative workshop.


21-22 of January arts printing house presents an educational program for theater professionals and teachers

* 21st (Thursday) and 22nd (Friday) of January | 13:00 | pocket hall
for theatre profesionals THE OBJECT, WHAT A STRANGE SPECIE! | Puzzle Theatre (Canada)

After a short introduction, the participants will explore several approaches to object theatre and will have the opportunity to discover different ways of creation. Alone or in groups they will create short stories (2-3 minutes) based on improvisation with objects and improvisations on different themes. Might these short stories be an embryo of a longer ones...

* 21st (Thursday) and 22nd (Friday) of January | 15:30 and 10:00 | glass hall
theatre workshops for teachers and child care professionals HOW TO CONVEY THE ART OF WATCHING THEATRE | Nadja Blickle (Starke Stücke Festival, Germany)

Taking kids to the theatre is always a big adventure for children and adults alike! The workshop provides ideas and makes suggestions on how to convey the art of theatre and aims at accompanying children to the play, in such a way that it will result in an unforgettable and lasting experience.

+ performance “Without Title“ | Puzzle Theatre (Canada)
creators Csaba Raduly and Pavla Mano
It is a journey into darkness: before us – darkness of the unknown, behind us – darkness of oblivion. May this night journey light up places within us that had been covered by darkness for a long while.

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* festival KITOKS is presented by: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Institut français de Lituanie and Baltuches House