Piece for Stage and Two Dancers "Popular Problems" Will be Presented in Kaunas


Popular Problems


On the 6th of December, 5 pm at the Kaunas Artists’ House the piece for stage and two dancers "Popular Problems" will be presented. The performance created by young artists Agnietė Lisičkinaitė and Sigita Juraškaitė is a part of the festival Baltasis kaspinas.

„The performance came out of two emotions – egoism and solidarity. I faced personal questions that I could not answer. By following other women around I noticed these problems are not only mine. Because of solidarity with all the women I decided to create 'Popular Problems'“ – says Agnietė, the iniciator of the piece.

'Popular Problems' has no story. It is composed as the exposition of physical acts, that allows the spectator to watch, closely and explicitely, something, that in discourse about woman's freedom and choices still remains in the center of concideration. It is the objectivisation of woman and woman's body. Young artists, by flirting with feministic ideas skin-deeply as it pertrains to Y generation, devote themselves to 40 minutes long exhausting stage process to create their own ritual for the reflection of identity. And what may be more interesting than the observation of new generation rituals?

'Popular Problems' | arts printing house production | created for the program Open Space'14