Mini NOA Presents – Hits of the Contemporary Opera


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The mini "New Opera Action" (NOA) festival will be held on 12-14th of November, at the arts printing house. It is a great possibility to see and hear the most outstanding works presented at the NOA spring festival: the opera “Have a Good Day!”, sound performance “Audiokaukas” and spatial mono opera in the dark “Confessions”.


The opera “Have a Good Day!” focuses on the inner lives of cashiers in a shopping centre: showing what lies behind their mechanical “Good afternoon!”, “Thank you!”, “Have a good day!”, and fake smiles. Faceless, robot-like shop workers found in everyday life are transformed into unique and lively characters. Their secret thoughts and biographies are turned into short, personal dramas. The characters of different sales clerks, embodying universal archetypes, convey the predominant social landscape. In 2014 “Have a Good Day!” was awarded Golden Stage Cross prize for the best Lithuanian Authors' Performance and two awards of Baltic Theatre Festival.


The audio performance “Audiokaukas” by Arturas Bumšteinas, a young Lithuanian composer was inspired by books published by Eridanas Publishers in the Science Fiction Gold Fund Series and the programme “Videokaukas” broadcast on Lithuanian TV in 1990. The author of the performance devoted several years to the reading of books from the series and watched the films demonstrated in the programme “Videokaukas”.
It is an episode of several days and nights in the life of a young talented chef, Denisas. The defining moment in the story is when Denisas, cooking one of his dishes, suffered food poisoning caused by false morel (Lat. Gyromitra esculenta). Further on in the story, the effects of poisoning do not appear at once; they are slowly disclosed to the audience.


The seven parts of the “Confessions” are concerned with the seven cardinal sins – lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride. The intuitive relationship that appeared between the creators from the beginning of the collaboration is transferred to the opera at a musical level. The "Confessions" unites the authors' long-cherished ideas of creative experiments: performing music in the dark, involving other senses (smell, touch) and allegedly completely removing the visual aspect. However in the opera, the latter is really the most activated factor in the listener's imagination – through abstract audio images and concrete pre-recorded sounds that produce strong images linked to feelings, sensations or objects.

With his mini NOA festival “Operamania” will finish the show season for 2015 in Lithuania.  The main festival is scheduled for 2017.

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