Premiere Inspired by George Carlin


Rekonstruoti Laura Vanseviciene


Choreographer Miglė Praniauskaitė, presents her debut dance performance - "Reconstruct" on 22nd-23rd of October at the Art Printing House. The performance, created during the program for young artists Open Space, according to the choreographer, will be interesting for everyone, who at least once thought about what and why is happening in our environment.


"Reconstruct" speaks about the noise, which is usual in nowadays – life in the noise, in the crowd, everyone is constantly disturbed. It is impossible to escape from that, because it is nothing more than ourselves - we are the interference to each other. The only solution to stop this is to give up our principles and start listening to the people, and put our efforts  not to be interrupted. But is it worth to do this? Is it necessary? In the end, will we succeed?


The performance is inspired by a famous American comedian George Carlin and his speech "Saving the Planet" which you can hear in the performance. According to the comedian, the Earth is not threatened with extinction, but humanity - after all, our planet is perfectly alive four billions years, so it will not be so easy to destroy it. Meanwhile, people are successfully moving toward self-destruction. Inspired by these words, the performance "Reconstruct" analyzes how people are tilting toward the destruction of our life, and what could be done to reconstruct previous life.


The choreographer says that performance stands out with high energy and constant motion. "Recently, I notice more dance performances in Lithuania, where projections plays an important part, dancers talk and directly contact with the audience. I am really happy to see all this on stage, but I always prefer pure movement and only that. A few decades ago such point of view looked as traditional, old-fashioned, but in today's context, it is becoming a rarity, " said Miglė.


Together with choreographer Miglė Praniauskaitė on stage appears dancers Karolina Indrė Žvinytė, Vincenta Gurauskaitė and Lina Lauruvėnaitė. Lighting designer Povilas Laurinaitis.


* Photographer Laura Vansevičienė


Premiere - October 22nd-23rd at the Art Printing House, Black Hall.  Tickets are available at  and 1 hour before the performance at the Arts Printing House.