For a week the Arts Printing House is transformed into the House of Sweden


house of sweden


In conjunction with the State Visit of the Swedish Royal Family 6-11th of October the Arts Printing House is transformed into the “House of Sweden”: a representation of Swedish values such as openness, equality and sustainability. It will offer cultural and Sweden promotion events for the general public free of charge, presented through specific theme days.

* Sweden in Focus on 7, 9 October. The main focus both of these days will be on Swedish culture and therefore some of the main attractions will be the street dance performance “5 °C Climate Change” by Twisted Feet dance company from Region Västra Götaland on 7 October at 18:00, and the Swedish Language Café (Språkkafé) 7, 9 October at 18:30. The Lithuanian-Swedish Society in Vilnius bi-weekly language café for Swedish speakers is re-located to the House of Sweden. In addition, “House of Sweden” will showcase printed material with general and specific information about Sweden and other fun activities.

* Living Green on 8 October. The main focus is on the Swedish Institute’s (SI) exhibition “Facing the Climate”, which aims to illustrate Sweden’s active involvement in climate and environmental issues; the exhibition features satirical images by five Swedish and four Lithuanian cartoonists who take a sharp look to the climate issues. The programme of the day also includes a bike workshop (in cooperation with starting at 16:00, Lithuanian cartoonists drawing session, street dance performance “5 °C Climate Change” by Twisted Feet from Region Västra Götaland and a film screening at 19:00 of “Big Boys Gone Bananas!*” - a documentary on activism and freedom of speech recounting how a filmmaker was sued for his coverage of a legal battle between Nicaraguans and Dole, the biggest fruit company in the world.

* Family Day on 10 October. The main focus will be on the Swedish Institute exhibition “Life Puzzle – the Role of the Swedish Family”, which portrays children, parents, work, home, finances and equality: various parts of what in Sweden is known as the puzzle of life. This exhibition is about the role of fathers and how society can make it easier to reconcile equality, parenthood and work. The Swedish government is working to ensure that all policy decisions take gender equality into account. In connection with the exhibition a discussion with Dr. Austėja Landsbergienė on Swedish family values will be held on 10 October at 12:30-13:30. Activities in the children’s corner will be led by “Vaikystes sodas” preschool teachers between 12.00-14.00.

* Equality Day will be held on 11 October with a continued focus on the Swedish Institute exhibition “Life Puzzle – the Role of the Swedish Family”.  A family film screening at 14:00 will kick start the day, followed by a funny and interactive “Money A, B, C” lesson at 15.30-16.00 for children (5-12 years old) led by NORDEA Chief Economist Zygimantas Mauricas and Head of Communication Vaidotas Cucenas, in the children’s corner. In connection to “Doris” screening, starting at 16:00, „What’s Your Life Puzzle?“ an open discussion on societal stereotypes, the role of the family and how to put together different parts of life will take place in the café at 16:40-17:40. The talk will be moderated by Jolanta Reingardė (gender equality expert at EIGE), between Lithuanian Ombudsman for Equal Opportunities, Agneta Lobačevskytė, Director and Editor-in-Chief at Lithauania Tribune and Ruslanas Iržikevičius (who has twice been on a parental leave).

> Children’s corner (in partnership with IKEA) will be open every day.
>> Café offering Swedish snacks and “fika” will be open every day. (TBC)


** Swedish Film Sessions | 6-11 of October
Daily screenings of Swedish films and documentaries in cooperation with the Swedish Institute and Dansu.

>> Film screening schedule:

6 Oct at 18.30-21.00  | “Gentlemen”

7 Oct 19.30-21.10 | “Stockholm Stories”

8 Oct 19.00-20.45 | “Big Boys Gone Bananas!*”

9 Oct 19.30-21.20    | “Shed No Tears”

10 Oct 14.00-15.25  | “Short Films for Children”

10 Oct 18.00-19.50  | “Behind Blue Skies”

11 Oct 14.00-15.20  | “Ice Dragon”

11 Oct 16.00-16.30   | “Doris” short film


arts printing house | open to the general public free of charge

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