"Contemporary?" Review in the October Issue of Dancing Times


Contemporary trio repeticija


The Phenomenon of the Year – contemporary dance performance „Contemporary?“ has been presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 17-22 of August, 2015.
The piece, created at the Arts Printinhg House by three artists Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Paulius Tamolė and Mantas Stabačinskas got review by David Mead in the October issue of Dancing Times.




Finally, if a show strikes as being something special at 10am, then it definitely is. Contemporary? by Lithuanian trio Agne Ramanauskaite, Paulius Tamole and Mantas Stabacinskas at Space Triplex is a wonderfully selfironic look at contemporary dance. The threesome quickly established and then maintained a strong connection w i t h the audience as they discussed the process of dance-making and its cliche movements, phrases and costumes. Contemporary dance watchers w i l l recognise much of what they see, including one moment when Tamole is stopped mid-extended phrase just as he was "really getting into it," despite the fact no-one understood what he was trying to do or be. In amongst the debate is some fabulous dance, in particular a duet between Ramanauskaite and Stabacinskas and a fast moving, powerful, athletic duet for the two men. Great stuff indeed!



next performance of „Contemporary?“ at the arts printing house 28th of October | 19.00 | black hall
for more information and tickets please see here