Thanks God I'm not an Artist


AE Not an Artist


1. Don’t create. Art is for nothing.

2. Don‘t be someone. To avoid it just start to be nobody. 

3. If you want your life to be full of nothing, do nothing enough and use the emptiness of the cup, but not the cup. 

4. Try out nothing. Live up in your dream trees and never come down to harvest your ideas.

5. Dive into nothing here and now. 

6. Repeat: Zero! Zero! Zero! OM! OM! OM! Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum!

7. Stop moving. Stand absolutely still. 

8. Avoid emotions. Love starts from nothing.

9. Do nothing as much as possible. You need nothing to be happy. 

10. Don’t believe in something. Believe in Nothing! Just stop believing!



Premiere: 23, 24, 25 of September | 19.00 | arts prinitng house | studio II


idea and performance by Marija Baranauskaitė, Sara Chéu, Giedrė Malūkaitė | mentored and inspired by Mårten Spångberg


> photo by D. Matvejevas <