International Contemporary Circus Festival “New Circus Weekend” Launches the Program


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Contemporary circus in Lithuania celebrates anniversary – for the tenth time the Arts Printing House invites Vilnius citizens and the guests to the “New Circus Weekend’15”. This year – the festival bigger and the weekend for the circus will last longer.


The program

* Île O | Cie Barolosolo (France)

street circus | acrobatics | duration 42‘ | suitable for children 

Conception by Mathieu Levavasseur | Performed by Mathieu Levavasseur and William Valet

A circus show ankle-deep in water? Why not! Two clowns step into the spotlight in this uncommon show where the Chinese Pole becomes a flute, the water turns into a drum, the guitar and the banjo fearlessly face down eddies, and the stage... is filled with water. While one gets his feet wet, so to speak, the other goes to great lengths to avoid a dunking. In a production overflowing with wildly hysterical shenanigans and adorably poetic scenes, the show will leave the little ones—and their parents—in fits of laughter.

Arts Printing House | Yard
9, September | 18.00

* Mortimer  | WHS (Finland)

solo | jugglery | duration 25‘ | circus not for children

Creation: Ville Walo, Anne Jämsä | Performer: Ville Walo

Feather light or deadly serious?

Ville Walo's solo performance, Mortimer, is a contemporary circus theatre performance where juggling and electrical sensor technology come together. The focused, subtle performance juggles sound and video projections, brings small fluffy things to life and laughs at mortality. The performance's soft hint of breath brushes the viewers' skin. Walo juggles with video projection and plays music by juggling objects equipped with movement sensors. Sensor technology and programming turn the stage into an interactive electronic instrument that reacts to Walo’s movements in perfect unison. Although the performance relies on sophisticated real-time computer controlling, its visual style is far from technology oriented sci-fi aesthetics. The stage is filled with humanely warm and clumsy everyday objects and jerky handdrawn animations that create an intimate atmosphere.

Although Mortimer is a solo performance, Walo is by no means alone is the stage. He communicates with the objects he holds in his hands, with the puppet figures that share the stage with him, peculiarly assembled form various bits and pieces, with the skeletons and birds of the projected animations. Together they form the population of this special universe. It’s a twisted little fairy tale world filled with death, naivety, playful cruelty and dark humour. Mortimer is a performance that provokes silent internal laughter.

* Pinta | WHS and Zero Gravity Company (Finland)

solo | air acrobatics | duration 38‘ | circus not for children

Idea and performance by Salla Hakanpää | Director Ville Walo

One of us and a rope. Magical images of weightlessness.

A rope hangs above an empty stage and stealthily it begins to spin. The motion of the twist grows bigger, until the entire rope wriggles and squirms in the air as if haunted by an invisible force, inviting the performer to the stage. Surface-brushing movement ties the eye to the rope's strong fibres. The rising swirl pulls along, grips intertwine tightly and feet take off from the ground. Reflections ripple on surfaces, spilling on spectator's skin.

Arts Printing House | Black Hall
9, September | 19.30
>> One ticket is available for two shows (Mortimer and Pinta). Intermission between the shows aprox. 20 min. <<

* Grazing the Sky | Director Horacio Alcalá (Spain)

documentary film about circus artists‘ life | duration 87‘ | circus not for children

Grazing the Sky takes a revealing look at the incredible physical exploits of circus acrobats, and finds compelling stories of men and women confronting adversity – including the real risk of severe, debilitating injury. The price of life in the limelight includes years of study and practice, an iron discipline, an ongoing commitment to learning new skills, and constant travel far from home.

Director Horacio Alcalá follows eight different acrobats from all over the world, intercutting interviews with artfully staged footage of his subjects performing breathtaking feats with poise and grace.

Horacio Alcalá, who has been involved with the circus arts for seven years, including with Cirque du Soleil, travelled to 11 different countries over the course of five years to capture these stories. He finds a new reality where aspiring circus performers can learn their craft in specialized schools rather than through family apprenticeships. The trapeze becomes a metaphor for life ambitions, given contrast and poignancy by the ever-present risk of a fall.

Arts Printing House | Black Hall
10, September | 19.30

* Vu | Company Sacekripa (France)

solo | jugglery | duration 45‘ | circus not for children

By and with Etienne Marceau

 Blending Object Theater, miniature circus  and accidental clowning, the show  Vu , a solo performance for one juggler of daily objects, stages (brings to life) a meticulous, excessively sensitive and methodical character.

This silent show speaks of the small obsessions of everyday life. Those very obsessions which can sometimes turned mannic and which, by drowning in details, drives people nuts.

Arts Printing House | Pocket Hall
11, September | 18.00
12, September | 14.00 and 18.00

* B-Orders | The Palestinian Circus

various disciplines  | duration 50‘ | circus not for children
Idea and performance by Ashtar Muallem, Fadi Zmorrod

In the wombs of our mothers we are all made up from the same ele-ments, blood, flesh and air. Arriving into our families and into our soci-eties we start developing our character and becoming who we are. As we grow older we lose our innocence and our fun to play, we become dominant and dominated. We start walking on lines drawn for us with-out understanding why or even questioning. If those lines no longer exist, we unconsciously return to walk on them. We are put in moulds fabricated through the accumulation of history according to our gen-der, religion, and nationality…

Repetition and pressure lead us to go against the “normal”, we leave our home aiming to start something new. But do we ever get rid of our memories, education and preconceived ideas?

Arts Printing House | Black Hall
11, September | 19.30

* Camping Delight | TinCan Company (Denmark)

various disciplines  | duration 50‘ | suitable for children 

Director Leiv Arne Kjöllmoen Circus Performers Gry Lambertsen and Rune Andersen

Camping Delight is a fast-paced and absurd circus performance, about how bad it can get if we let the fear of the new and unknown overpower us, seen through the eyes of two absurd normality- imperialist clown characters. A caravan draws up and two grotesque campers spring out. These stormtroopers then set to work, frantically conquering and colonizing the space around them. They lay down artificial grass, set up camping equipment and build fences. They hoist a flag – a nation is born.

In Camping Delight, TinCanCompany examine how far we can go, as people and as nations, with well-meaning attempts to impose our culture and values on others – before our self-sufficiency and good intentions smack us on the back of the neck like a boomerang.


Arts Printing House | Yard
12, September | 16.00
13, September | 16.00

* Patinoire | 7 Fingers (Canada)

solo | various disciplines | duration 80‘ | circus not for children

Idea and performance by Patrick Léonard


One Man Show
One audience
One frog
A fork
A ukulele
Some entertainment
A touch of vulnerability and despair
A body that cracks
A blue jacket, a chair and a table
Laughter, tears

Sliding between circus and theatre, between dance and music, Patinoire plays in fragile, moving sands, in the joyful despair which inhabits us. A fanfare for a solitary man, an unfortunate circus, a factory of jokes: how far are we willing to go in order to love and be loved?


Arts Printing House | Black Hall
13, September | 19.00

>> For more information please see our Calendar section. Tickets available at Box-Offices Tiketa (buy via internet) <<