An Optimistic Morning of Lithuanian Contemporary Dance in Edinburgh


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Lithuania's name will appear among the more than 3000 shows with performers from all over the world at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest arts festival. This year our country will be represented by two contemporary dance shows which have received recognition not just in Lithuania but also internationally. Over the period running from 17 to 22 August, to be exact in the morning of those days, the public coming to the SpaceTriplex venue will woken up by the choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė's Puzzle and the dance show Contemporary?, created at the Arts Printing House (Vilnius) and nominated as the Performing Arts Event of the Year. The creative teams of both shows will begin their performances at 9:15 am.

Puzzle, the gentle, colourful and soft contemporary dance show for children 0-3 years old, and the ironical and warm-hearted Contemporary?, which goes behind the scenes of a contemporary dance show to show us the creative processes involved, are a morning recipe from Lithuania full of good humour and energy which will last the whole day. The dancers have been preparing intensively for such a non-traditional time of day to put on a show and promise to be fully awake themselves and to wake the audience up.

The Edinburgh Fringe is a real Mecca for theatre people, creators and those looking for new theatre, at which you can meet a complete amateur from a neighbouring street, as well as an acrobat from South Korea or Taiwan. If at the  main Edinburgh Festival you have well-known names from the world of theatre and music, then at the Fringe you have a whole host of those hungry to be noticed even a little, never mind about getting awards - the Fringe First from the daily newspaper The Scotsman, as well as awards from the Herald Agent and at least another twenty organisations. Of course, Anglo-Saxon culture is predominant here, especially with the attention given to the contests among stand-up comedians. However, it is in particular at the Fringe, that you can come across the future of theatre, because it is here that bold, interesting and unexpected experiments, here new theatrical stars can shine here, like Mark Ravenhill and the star of Irish theatre Enda Walsh were,' says theatre critic Vaidas Jauniškis in talking about what happens behind the scenes at Europe's largest festival.

The creators of both Lithuanian shows admit that the performances every day throughout the week will be very demanding physically, in particular for the dancers Agnė Ramanauskaitė and Mantas Stabačinskas, appearing in both shows. However, they agree that this is not just a wonderful opportunity to represent their country but also for them to attract the attention of the international community.

'And to be noticed here most often does not depend on the quality of the performance - when several dozen groups demonstrate their creativity every hour in different spaces and there are several hundred performances over the course of one day - that presents a greater challenge to management and public relations than for the creators. And that means you will be at least a little more original in your approach if you don't just hand out flyers and put up posters but use other means to advertise yourself. But everyone knows that as well. It's a meat grinder in which everyone tries to hold out physically for several weeks but also to ensure follow-up tours, a livelihood or simply to make countless contacts and to wake up in the morning with a sore head... That's the hard reality of the market and an eye-opener, which can be called the world of the theatre,' warns V. Jauniškis. 'That should be enough for Contemporary? and Puzzle to hope for - to be noticed. Because I have no doubts as to the quality of the shows and all that one can do is to wish them success and perseverance (which well be guaranteed not by pizza but by warm soup, as stated in The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide).'



Venue SpaceTriplex (V38) 17-22, August
* 9.15 a.m. Contemporary dance performance for infants under 3 years “Puzzle”
* 9.55 a.m. The Phenomenon of the Year "Contemporary?"

** Galery - Morning recipes from Lithuania with Agne Ramanauskaite, Paulius Tamole and Mantas Stabacinskas. Photos by Dimitrij Matvejev 


>> Morning recipes are brought to Edinburgh with the support from the Lithuanian Council for Culture <<