Phenomenon of the Year "Contemporary?" on Tour


Contemporary 13 photo D.Matvejevas Ā


"Contemporary?" is a performance which was nominated for the Golden Stage Cross of 2013  as a Phenomenon of the year - now it is on tour! The troupe will be travelling around different countries and cities to perform and lead some seminars and workshops. 

This is the program of "Contemporary?" on tour:


* 9, April: “Contemporary?” will be performed at festival Kalejdoskop 2015 in Poland. Besides, the troupe performed in Poland in September, at Lublin Dance festival and the show was named as the best performance of the festival. So, they are looking forward to meet polish audience again.


* 14-15, April YARAT Contemporary Art Space, in collaboration with Arts Printing House (Lithuania), are pleased to announce a performance "Contemporary?" in Baku (Azerbaijan) . In addition to the performance, Agnė Ramanauskaitė will hold a dance workshop on 15th April 2015 at the Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre. The classes will focus on the development of a natural and spontaneous sense of movement, using contemporary techniques to create a diverse dance vocabulary.


* 17, April the show will take part in Zelyonka Fest’15 in Kijev, Ukraine. Besides, on April 19th Agnė Ramanauskaitė will lead a dance workshop at the festival. Members of the troupe will also be judges for the competition program of the festival.


* June 17th Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Paulius Tamolė and Mantas Stabačinskas will perform and share their professional experience at the International Contemporary Dance Festival “Time to Dance”, in Riga.


* On 19 and 20th of June the troupe will perform at Arena festival for young artists, in Erlagen, Germany. 


* Arts Printing House is excited to announce that "Contemporary?" will take part at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK). 6 shows will be presented at the festival on 17-22 of August at theSpaceUK venue


For more information and updates about the performances and their daily life, you can visit official Contemporary? facebook page (see here).