Innovative festival: NOA


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The operas of the New Opera Action Festival (NOA), in traditional thinking, break the genre conventions and do not fit its frame. In order to question the traditionally drawn borders of the genre and discover new ways of influencing audiences, the works in the NOA framework are treated by bringing back the original meaning of the opera genre: Lat. opera "a work".


In its first and second year (2008-2009) the festival was called a festival of short operas; in 2010 it presented itself as a festival of contemporary operas as it was influenced by the growing length of performances. The fourth NOA Festival demonstrated the search for chamber-like nature of works and simplicity giving up the traditional opera "trails"- pomposity and grandeur, transforming in the fifth year into a totally minimalist nano-opera format that provoked creators to demonstrate creative ideas in a concentrated way. Finally, the sixth NOA Festival makes no statements keeping the NOA as a distinguishing mark.


The present festival will initiate discourse about contemporary opera, without attempting to draw a "formula" for it or a description. The sixth NOA Festival is about the numerous concepts of this genre, possibilities and prospects, about the past and present, and about what unites various arts and sensations.


At Arts Printing House you will also have a possibility to see a part of the program - AUDIOKAUKAS, DRESSCODE’AS: OPERA and to attent the pitching session. If you would like to see full programme of NOA festiva - click here