„Low air“ in worldwide festival „Dance International Glasgow”


Urban meet contemporary


We are proud to announce that this year our long term residents „Low air“ will take part in one of the biggest dance festivals in Glasgow - „Dance International Glasgow (DIG)”. This year festival will begin on April 6 and continues until 5th of June.  


This festival was planned as a major biennial event, and produced by Tramway, which will take place across the city, including The Arches, Platform, CCA, The Beacon Arts Centre, The Work Room and Y Dance and others. These organizations will play the host to over 40 events across the six weeks. The program spans six world premieres, and a number of UK premieres. The event will be complimented with a host of family shows, workshops, exhibitions and talks. It is a place for artist to express their selves and show their talent. It is a place where everyone is wished, appreciated and supported. 


„Low air “ is a well-known pair of street dancers in Lithuania. Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius are dancing more than 20 years and of course cannot imagine their lives with-out creation process and performances. They brought urban and street dances into theatre and introduced it in high quality, meaning and professionalism. 


In UK premiere Airida and Laurynas will present „Home Trip”. It is a dazzling fusion of street dance, music, theatre and literature which looks at the relationships between par-ents and their adult children. They will be performing on May 15 and 16.


Besides Airida and Laurynas on 2013 were nominated as the best choreographers by Golden Stage Cross because of their piece of work - „Home trip“.


The best of luck to “Low air” and we wish you to have unforgettable time in „Dance International Glasgow (DIG)”!