Premiere – “Padi Dapi Fish” – The Club!


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“Padi Dapi Fish”  (Klaipėda, Lithuania) at the Arts Printing House on 5, March will present the new production - the premiere of the dance performance "The Club".

This performance is about women, her dreams and wishes, wins and breakdowns, about women as a goddess. Nowadays we live in the world where people are figuring out what the women should be and what her responsibilities are. This performance asks questions what are the main influencing powers of creating women’s role in our community, what is the connection between man, women and everyone’s “the real me”? The Club also highlights the main stereotypes which should be broken or kept in order to seek your goals and become what you wanted and dreamt to be.


PADI DAPI Fish is Klaipėda Dance Theater which was created by group of artists named "Fish Eye". Theatre creators are: Petras Lisauskas, Dovilė Binkauskaitė, Agnija Šeiko and others. All the performances in repertoire are formed on the basis of “Fish eye " creative activity. The main aim of this theater is to establish a professional working in contemporary dance in Klaipeda. 


The creator and choreographer of this performance – Petras Lisauskas. 

* "Padi Fapi Fish" presents: The Club. Premiere in Vilnius - 5, March, 19h. at the Arts Printing House