Make the Switch from Me – Inovative Aura Dance Theater Performance in Vilnius

Switch photo by Vytautas Daraskevicius small


“Make the Switch from Me” will be presented by Kaunas troupe - Aura Dance Theater at Arts Printing House on 27th of February.

Aura Dance Theater - modern dance company from Lithuania which has passion for the art and wide imagination. Their talent attracts choreographers from all over the world – from Scandinavia, Italy, London and New York, to come and work with them. Aura Dance is known for their commitment to the work they are doing and cooperation. It is the only one municipal theatre of contemporary dance in Lithuania (based in Kaunas) and one of a very few companies of contemporary dance in Lithuania that shows the skills of the professional dance.


Aura Dance Theater presents their new and innovative piece: Make the Switch from Me. Inspiration source of the performance is MOTUS – creative motion enhancer. MOTUS is a wireless performance controller that collects data about dancer’s motions and coverts it to gestures and control parameters for sound synthesizers and audio effects. The space around dancer becomes a touchless surface, a canvas that dancer can interact with and hear the sound feedback immediately.  The author of idea, music and sound is Antanas Jasenka and choreography created by Birutė Letukaitė. First time this performance was showed on April 22, 2014 in the festival „Youth music”. 


The main goal of this performance is to interpret the connections, preconceptions of man and women which are becoming more and more difficult to change or break. The background of this play is life decisions which we make, good or bad choices and religion believes or disbelieves. This performance teaches us and seeks to point out the importance of being different and unique. 


* 2015 February 27 d. 19:00 at Arts Printing House

Tickets 11,16 € | 38,53 Lt  (You can buy tickets here)