The Dance Forum in Minsk – it is Time for Dancers to Speak!

Contemporary 13 photo D.Matvejevas Ā


On Wednesday (11, February) the performance ”Contemporary?“ was presented in an annual dance festival – “PlaStforma Minsk 2015”.This festival was organized for the third time and invited participants from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia and Sweden. The main aim of “PlaStforma Minsk 2015” was to introduce the latest and newest dance performances of Belarus. 

 This festival is a part of collaboration of four countries such as Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus, which decided to co-operate in presenting their most exclusive performances in each other’s countries. 


In Minks Arts Printing House presented the Phenomenon of the year – performance “Contemporary“. The participants also joined the educational activities: dancer Agnė Ramanauskaitė organized a seminar for dance techniques and Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė who is Lithuanian dance critique introduced a video lecture about esthetics of Lithuanian contemporary dances.


Before the performance the troupe had a chance to observe other colleagues and see their work. According to the actor and dancer Paulius Tamolė you can obviously notice that in nowadays dance performances interacts more than one type of art. “We already see dance performances where performers dance and sing. It seems that it is time for dancers to talk their feelings too!” – P.Tamolė. 


Last fall “Contemporary“ was announced as the best performance of Lublin international dance festival. In April “Contemporary“ will be also presented in „Zelyonka“ Kiev dance festival and on May the performances from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland are planned in a program of the dance festival „New Baltic dance‘15“ in Lithuania.


 * „Contemporary?“ in Vilnius - 26, March, 19 h. at Arts Printing House