Lithuanian Short Films Presented to the Elite of French Cinema



2-6 of February the delegation of Lithuanian short films participating in the prestigious short film festival in France. 37th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival annually convene over 50 thousand fans from all over the world. In one of the most important events for the European film industry Lithuania has it's stand.


In the special screening Lithuania presents six short films: „Triukšmadarys” (K. Kaupinis), „Dembava” ( L. Bareiša), „Džiunglės” (R. Nevecka), „Man dvim keli” (M. Kavtaradzė), „After Rave” (K. Milašiūtė) and experimental film „Apytiksliai” (V. Plukas).


At the Clermont-Ferrand International Festival and Fair Lithuanian Short Film Agency "Lithuanian Shorts" represents our country together with "Art Short", "Čiobreliai", "Dansu"," WRKS", scenario workshop "InScript" and creative solutions agency "Authors".


Information by Arts Printing House Residents "Lithuanian Shorts" and "Čiobreliai"