One Evening – Two New Contemporary Dance Performances at Arts Printing House

ID 3


4, February (7 p.m.)at the Arts Printing House we invite the audience for contemporary dance evening. On one stage two new performances -  “ID: D&G” by Mantas Stabacinskas and Marius Pinigis and “K.ID” (choreography by Erika Vizbaraite).


The performance came out of the desire to find a contact between the national heroes of the beginning of the 20th century and the individual of the beginning of the 21st. The artists are interested in questioning the identity and rethinking Lithuanian historical events which have made a great impact on several Lithuanian generations. Who were Darius and Girėnas? Who could they be? The facts related to the flight over the Atlantic Ocean connects into a story told by contemporary man. The body of today becomes the most important tool on the stage, it's motion is driven by the marks of yesterday.


The performance brings forward questions what gods’ hand we need today, how we should know where we should go.
The team of different experience returns to the beginning and tries to get acquainted with the world having the only tool – one’s body.

* Arts Printing House | Black Hall
Tickets valid for both performances: 10 – 12 eur | 34,53 – 41,43 Lt
Tickets available at Box-offices Tiketa and 1 h before the performances at Arts Printing House